Sun 20th December: Last one before Xmas

I didn’t know what to expect at Whiskers’n’Paws today, so I was very happy to see a full house waiting for the puppies to arrive.  I brought my usual crowd from Lamma, while others came from  foster homes for their first public viewing.  It took about ten minutes for all but one of them to be adopted!  The first two coming from one home were snapped up, so there was already a line waiting for the next group when they arrived.  It doesn’t get better than that.

Five puppies, one litter

Little Fido, my mini dog, was also adopted and no surprise there as he really is a cute little guy.  Satchel and Slipper are also small-sized mongrels, and I’m confident they’ll also go soon.

As usual there were lots of familiar faces, but also some nice surprises like Dawson, a wire-haired terrier adopted four years ago.  Apple was there with her ‘brother’ Seamus (ex-Egg, one of the original Shek O sharpeis),  and another pair of cuties, Angus and Elspeth (both now with new names of course).

I’m really hoping that this week will being confirmation of our new kennel site so we can get moving on the huge task of preparing the site and installing kennels, offices etc.  It’s going to be container city to start with, but that’s OK, containers work very well when converted.

Looking back over the years and the start of HKDR, it’s easy to remember why and how it all began because from my window right now I can see “Dog Island”, a small and uninhabited island where dogs are dumped from fishing boats and fish farms.  My first dogs came from there, and my oldest dog, Inky, was one of a litter born on the island.  Our kennel dogs Missy and Misto were rescued from there, but not before they had already produced two litters, one of whom is Bart.

Little Misto, Mistral

The latest Dog Island addition to the Lamma clan is Mistral who looks very like Misto, and is almost certainly from the same family.  Now there are new dogs there, puppies and adults, and I’m watching them as I type.  One dog has been stranded on a rock for days, and I have to try to rescue him/her today.  He/she howled for two nights, but is quiet now.  There is no food or water on that rock and the dog must be close to dehydration if not starvation.  This is what got me started on dog rescue, and nothing has changed or improved in all the years I’ve been doing this (over twenty years now).

The landmark HKDR fence will be history in a few months


One Response to “Sun 20th December: Last one before Xmas”

  1. eu Says:

    horrendous that people let dogs die in such slow and painful way, even more ridicuous is that there’s no improvement after 20 years…primary and secondary school lessons should include animal welfare as one of their liberal studies.

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