Sat 19th December: No day off

I was at kennels today as there were adoption and foster interviews lined up for three Lamma dogs.  Tiny Sheltie Chiclet, who had a terrible skin infection on his back which left him with open wounds for months, was taken to a new foster home now he has a full, thick coat.  He spent a long time at kennels before moving to Lamma for some R&R, and he’s been happy there but nothing beats a real home.

Funny Reggie, a golden retriever/shih tzu cross (at a guess) has also got a new home for Christmas, lucky boy.

Shep needs a home!

Lovely Shep went to meet a potential sister but was too engrossed in what was happening around him to pay her any attention.  He’s a genuinely sweet boy, very easy and well behaved, and I was really hoping that he would pass his adoption interview but he ended up coming back to Lamma with me.  Maybe tomorrow he’ll be lucky.

The last of the baby pups-with-mother were taken from AFCD and sent off to a foster home.  Now I have to assess how the mother is when she’s not guarding her babies as she was really not friendly when they were with her.  This is really the most terrible choice to have to make, but she is probably too wild for re-homing.

I know that many of you, volunteers especially, are waiting for news about the new kennel site.  I’m also on tenterhooks, believe me.   There is a huge amount of work to be done in preparation for the move, and with every day that passes we are getting closer and closer to the final eviction date.   I’m hoping that by next week we will have confirmation of the location, but the decision is out of my control.  It’s a nail biting time.


4 Responses to “Sat 19th December: No day off”

  1. Barbara Lee Says:

    Hi Sally
    Wondering if you have thought of organizing a PROTEST against SWIRE. Continuing to let HKDR reside at Pokfulam will not but even a small dent in their bottom line. They continue to make hoards of $$ as we speak.
    For SWIRE this could be their biggest charitable donation cause and will be viewed very positively if they continue to let HKDR remain.

    If you personally can’t organize one then perhaps suggesting your volunteers do so and others will join in. Including me.

    Good luck, Barbara

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Others have also suggested this type of action, but the fact is that the Pokfulam site is very valuable now and we have to be realistic. It’s also too small for the number of dogs we have, and while it’s been a fantastic place for us, it would also be lovely for the dogs to have space to run around and not have to share their sleeping space with others. Please read today’s entry for an update.

  2. Gene Says:

    Hope evrything is ok with the new site, merry christmmas.

  3. DogsMom Says:

    Thinking positive thoughts and sending positive energy into Universe for a better, happier place for you all.
    Happy Holidays

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