Fri 18th December: Big switch

Although we’d been talking about it for a while, the time finally came to make the big switch between Lamma dogs and those at kennels that weren’t realistically going to find homes, at least not any time soon.  The puppies-now-doglets still on Lamma were missing out on any chance of a home not being at kennels, and while it’s very hard on them (and me),  at least they will get seen now.  They’ll also learn to walk on a leash, not something that’s been necessary much.

Trilby's the one on the right

All of the doglets I chose are those with good natures, some very beautiful, others funny-cute rather than handsome or pretty.  Lorna’s daughter, Trilby, is a medium-sized chunky gal with a thick neck and one ear up, one ear down. No stunner, but a sweet dog.  Likewise Bilbo, a Lorry Pup but without the distinctive brindle coat.  He’s very similar in shape and size to Trilby, and it’s easy to think that they’re related (which they may well be for all I know).

Lorry pup Bilbo


Sweet Caroline, the doglet who died of suspected rat poisoning, had two sisters, both of whom are now at kennels.  Maddie is medium sized with prick ears, while Judith is large, beautiful, and has soft ears.


Others include Amanda, a sweetheart who looks like a mini German Shepherd and Samuel, who is the gentlest of boys.  The mischievous twins, Zeb and Ticket (Murphy’s playmates), also made the cut, as did the lovely sisters Pia and Della.

Samuel, so lovelyTicket (both ears have flopped now)

Amanda (with ears back)

Moving back to Lamma were Chuck, Marla and Samurai.   I struck a good deal in terms of numbers!

Two more of the baby pups from AFCD went to a foster home, and the remaining pair will go tomorrow.  My own baby sharpei pups are doing very well, and have already moved from liquidised puppy food to straight-from-the-can chunks, and they’re probably ready to start on dry biscuits too.  A week is a long time in puppy land, and these three wrinkly-faced kids have changed so much from the weenies that arrived.  They eat like there’s no tomorrow, and are already wrestling and playing tug-o-war with their toys.  They’ll be grown before I have time to blink.


2 Responses to “Fri 18th December: Big switch”

  1. jennifer Says:

    There was a heartbreaking story about two stray dogs who had been seriously hurt/lost front paws due to illegal traps placed in Tai Po. Absolutely breaks my heart when i see stories like those, and it reminds me how wonderful an organization like HKDR is to help some of the once stray or abandoned dogs to give them a better life.

  2. DL Says:

    I’d adopt these doglets in a heartbeat if I had the space and time!! good luck to them all.

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