Thurs 17th December: Holidays looming

There was a big response to the story about the old pom yesterday.  He died during the night, peacefully, and in a warm bed.  If his owners had waited just two more days he could have been at home, but at least he wasn’t at AFCD with only a hard platform to sleep on.

I was up at well before dawn today as (volunteer) Catherine and I had an early appointment with Lands Department to go and see a site on Lantau.  It looked good,  and although we already knew access was a problem we wanted to see just how difficult it was to get there.  It wasn’t just difficult, it was ridiculous.  So no to that one, which was a great shame as the site itself would have made a great home for the dogs.   However, even in this remote area with no easy access, there were many stray dogs – plus puppies of course.  I have no idea how they survive, and they almost certainly have a very short life span.

Eating non-stop throughout the day to keep myself awake and functioning, I was able to take the first of the baby pups-with-mother from AFCD to hand over to a foster.  The two babies, now between three and four weeks old, are able to feed themselves and have already been eating softened dog biscuits, so it was better to take them now than leave them any longer.  I have another foster for two more lined up for tomorrow, so then there will be only a pair left.

The dog that was picked up by the dog catchers in Shek O was taken home by a kind family who knew him and had heard that he had been captured, while at the same time a beautiful young German Shepherd was being surrendered by his owners.  Luckily for this dog there was an adopter waiting, so he was able to get out immediately.

Christmas and the holidays is always a hard time for organisations like HKDR.  Volunteers disappear, dogs in foster come back, and fewer are adopted.  Lovely husky Ojay, a sweet girl who’s not at all husky-like in her behaviour, is returning with a glowing reference from her temporary carers (she’s great with everyone, and children too).  Jasper the Old English Sheepdog turned out to be too much of a spur-of-the-moment adoption, and he’ll probably be back in kennels over the holiday period too.  I’ve got some foster puppies being returned, so I’ll have plenty of new “stock” for Sunday.  At least they’re old enough for homing individually now, which is what puppy fostering is all about.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only next week.  At least I remembered to pick some cards up from kennels today so I can get them sent off, although I doubt they’ll arrive in time.  I’m already thinking ahead to our January sale which will take place at the Excelsior Hotel on Saturday 9th.  The last one we held there was such a success, so we’re hoping for a repeat.

Next year is going to be a very important one for us as we will be moving very soon.  The thought of it makes me want to bury myself under a thick blanket, as even the logistics of moving as many dogs as we have is going to be a major undertaking, but there’s no getting away from the fact.  At the moment Lantau looks like the most likely option, so watch this space.


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