Weds 16th December: Poor little old pom

There’s always an upside to everything, and my recent travels round Hong Kong have at least introduced me to parts of the territory I would never have got to see otherwise.  My first year in Hong Kong was as a tourist, thinking as I did that I would be here for only a short time, but since then I’ve settled into my little corner of Lamma and Pokfulam, with Aberdeen in between.  Even going to Central is a big event these days.

I got back to the kennels just in time to whizz over to AFCD before they closed.  I’m glad that I made the effort as an old pom had been surrendered, complete with his little woolly sweater and wearing a diaper.  He was taken there because he was too old, and yes, he is an old dog at the end of his life, but why AFCD and not a vet who could humanely send the poor little guy on his last journey?  We’ll do that for him tomorrow, and at least he will have a soft – and dry – bed for the night.  His diaper was wet, of course.

The puppies who were born at AFCD kennels have been separated from their mother, at least during the day, and are eating soft food.  It’s very early for them to be doing so but it’s also necessary as they will have to be taken away completely in the next day or so.  I urgently need foster homes for these babies (I think there are seven or eight of them) if you are here over the holidays.  It’s very easy to care of puppies  this age as they only require food, water, and a warm and clean area.  There must be at least two of them together though, and I like to keep pups as pairs until they are eight weeks old ideally, or six weeks minimum.  Pups that are separated too early, as pet shop puppies are, don’t develop as they should or learn normal behaviour.  The early weeks of a dog’s life are so important, as this is when the blueprint for the future is formed. 

I’m facing real problems at home with Minky and Sparkle, and Sparkle in particular.  What started as a prank has developed into standard behaviour, and every day she raids my clothes and chooses something to shred.  I lost two sweaters today, and I’m far from amused.  If only I could persuade her that life outside is much more fun than staying indoors.


12 Responses to “Weds 16th December: Poor little old pom”

  1. Kathy Says:

    The pom passed away quietly last night in a warm bed. Poor boy and damned his owner!

  2. Speedy Dad Says:

    My sympathy to the little old pom! Old age is not an excuse to surrender their dogs to AFCD. My pom, Baby, who passed away in July was more than 18 year old!!!

  3. Siew Yen Says:

    Some people only want the best years of their pets’ lives. When the pets are old or sick and need their owners most, these same people will adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude for fear that they themselves would be traumatised, never mind that their previously beloved pets will be spending their last moments alone and terrified.

  4. Miri Says:

    After having given his human owner years of loyalty and companionship, you would think that the old pom deserved much more than to die alone in a place like AFCD! Frankly, it is just a step up from discarding him in the bin. How can anyone do it?

  5. Gloria Says:

    Sally, you did a right thing and took him out before government kennelsclosed, otherwise he had to die in such a cold wether alone. I am still cursing his ex-owner!

  6. Emanuela Says:

    Unbelievable and so sad! What a coward to not be there for old pom at the end of his life after years of companionship…all i can say is I hope Karma is there to bite whoever he/she may be.

  7. Doris Says:

    Let these damned owners be treated in their last days the same way as they treat their faithful dogs.

  8. ivy Says:

    I really wish the owner will be dumped by his/her child when he is old.

    thanks sally for saving the pom, at least he knew someone truely love and care about him before he goes.

  9. Alexandra Says:

    Words cannot begin to express the anger and disgust I have with the the people who surrendered the pom…yes, damn them and may the people who surrendered him have the same done to them when they get old by the people they love.

  10. Lily Says:

    I’d love to foster a pair of puppies, however I’m only going to be in HK until January 1st. Is that too short to foster the puppies? Feel free to email me back!


  11. Samantha Says:

    yes, old age dog = old human, we cannot give them up!
    I have 5 dogs , one aged alomost 18, others are 16, 15 & 11
    then one is Foon Foon, adopted from Sally on 1/6/2008 (her former named Sweetpea), Foon is almost 12 & has a lot of helth problem.

  12. Samantha Says:

    yes, old age is not a excuse for give up.

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