Tues 15th December: Another day out

It was another early start to a day looking at some possible sites that Swire (owners of our current kennels site) were offering.  The New Territories options were so remote my phone told me I was in China, but Lantau is a possibility.  It’s just the start of a very long process though, so don’t expect any announcements soon.  In the meantime, we’ll keep looking.  It’s a frustrating, disheartening and very worrying time, that’s for sure, and sleep is a stranger these days.

I also worry about the puppies at AFCD that are waiting to be taken out when I have neither the time nor the space to help them right now.  If only the mothers had been desexed ………

My Lamma puppies are growing fast, as they do, and I keep checking their teeth for signs of new adult ones appearing.  The two front teeth are the first to appear, and that’s around five months of age.  By six months all of the milk teeth should have gone, so it’s quite easy to assess a puppy’s age around this time.  People often ask why I look in a puppy’s mouth when asked their age, and that’s the reason.  It’s also the reason why I usually recommend slightly older puppies for families who have babies or toddlers at home, because puppy teeth are needle sharp and can break the skin quite easily.  While six-month olds are still very puppy like,  they’re not going to be punching holes in the children.

Thanks for all the name suggestions for the dog that was left tied up outside kennels over the weekend, but as it turned out Kathy took him straight to the vet and a name was required for registration so he’s now called Bosco.  The number of dogs being left, abandoned or surrendered just keeps on rising.  I just agreed to take a pug, spaniel and French bulldog from other AFCD centres (not Pokfulam), all young dogs, all nice, just no longer convenient.  They’re all ex-pet shop dogs, thrown on the street like so many others.  They’ll find new homes I know, but it’s a constant cycle.

The new pet shop and breeder regulations are coming into force around this time, and while it sounds like a move in the right direction it’s more like a move sideways.  “Hobby” breeders, that is people who breed dogs at home for money, will be exempt from all the regulations so why bother?  Professional breeders will simply operate out of private homes and claim to be hobby breeders.  I’m told even the proposed restriction on having only two bitches has been scrapped, so these people can carry on having cages of dogs stacked to the roof, each poor mother condemned to a miserable life of being used as a source of money.  These home breeders will be approved suppliers of pet shop puppies, so once again, please, please don’t buy and support this terrible trade in life.


3 Responses to “Tues 15th December: Another day out”

  1. po lin Says:

    Dear Sally,
    Do you still remember the little Boston Beannie?She is a lovely dog .My family love her very much.Sally,I am very moved by your persistant trying of saving dogs.I know my power is very very little, all I keep on doing is to introduce HKDR to my friends,my neighbours, my students and whoever want to keep a pet . It is glad that many neighbours now choose to adopt dogs rather than buy one from pet shops. Besides, many know HKDR ,Sally,you’ve done great work,thankyou.
    po lin

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Po Lin,

      I certainly do remember Beanie and I’m very happy to hear that you love her so much. She was one of the few real Boston terriers we have had, and she was very cute!

  2. Miri Says:

    Agree with Po Lin. Sally has done so much for the abandoned dogs in Hong Kong; not only by rehoming these dogs through HKDR, but has also increased the general acceptability and popularity of adopting dogs (especially mongrels). Remember the Chinese saying of living in Western-style apartments and keeping Western breed dogs? Some people still believe in keeping purebreds as a status symbol.

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