Mon 14th December: Searching for land

I’m going to be spending almost all of this week away from Pokfulam while I’m out and about looking at various sites that may be our new kennels. To date there hasn’t been any one spot that has ticked all the boxes, that is, suitable land, accessible and available.  I’ve seen great places in terms of the land itself but it’s hard to get there, and a site that was amazing and accessible but not available (it belongs to AFCD and is sitting empty).  Today there was a site that was perfect – great space and available – but not suitable (next to a hospital).  The search continues.

I did have some time today to go to AFCD for my usual Monday visit, and just as well because there were dogs that needed to get out.  (Now) Ziggy is an adorable 3-year old shih tzu who was surrendered by his owners because they were moving to a new apartment.  Ah well, never mind about the dog, we’ll just take him to AFCD.

There were some new baby pups that looked all too familiar.  I asked if they were by any chance from Shek O, and yes they are.  So I have some new Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner pups, four weeks old, and named after the original Breakfast Club:  Bacon, Waffle and Toastie.  There’s something about wrinkly sharpei pup faces that is so appealing.  I hope others think so too.  (I’m watching them sleeping as I’m typing, and one of them is dreaming and twitching.  What do baby pups dream about I wonder?)

One of our long-term volunteers told me about a young golden retriever, a 1-year old female, who was being abused by her owner.  He was persuaded to give up the dog, so she will arrive tomorrow.  I’m told she’s small and thin, so I hope she’s OK otherwise.  I’m sure she’ll find a new home soon, and one where she won’t be beaten.

Spotty's going to be a pin up boy

Apart from the usual day-to-day running of the kennels we do get some unusual requests, most of which we’re happy to accomodate.  I have been asked if Spotty, our dalmation, can take part in a photo shoot as part of the Hong Kong Film Festival promotions.  He’ll have to sit in a cinema seat for his photo, and I’m trying to picture it in my mind – very funny.  I hope Spotty has fun and that he gets some popcorn. 

This lovely boy doesn't have a name yet

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that a dog was left tied up outside our kennels over the weekend.  He’s a happy and friendly boy, still nameless unless someone else has thought of something suitable.


9 Responses to “Mon 14th December: Searching for land”

  1. Anita Says:

    You should call this boy Omar, after the very tough African American character in the TV series The Wire. He’s a real survivor!

  2. Gene Lin Says:

    Is the nameless new comer surrendered by being leaved outside the kennel through out the weekend? so irresponsible
    I haven’t come up with a name but I’m very sure it’ll be something related to his red eye.

  3. Tom Says:

    I would love to see this bundle of joy named “Happy”!

  4. kirsteen Says:

    He looks like a Jasper!

  5. Jesslyn Cheong Says:

    Hi Sally,
    Do you mind using a Chinese name for the new poor black dog? I suggest calling him “Huck Jai” (黑仔), which means both “litttle black” and “unlucky” in Chinese at the same time, since he’s black and unlucky enough to be abandoned for whatever reason.

  6. Victoria Says:

    I vote he be named Pickles 🙂

    • Sally Says:

      Thanks to everyone for suggested names for the lovely boy. Kathy took him straight to the vet so he had to have a name, and is now called Bosco.

  7. jennifer Says:

    we should definitely try and get some dog adoption/HKDR promotion going with spotty at that festival! (lets hope he doesn’t continuously bark non-stop!)

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