Sun 13th December: In-and-out dogs

There are some dogs that inexplicably stay at our kennels for a long time before being adopted, and others than are homed so fast their paws hardly touch the ground.  Sometimes the reason is obvious, like when they’re small breed puppies like poodles etc, but more often than not it’s just good timing and pure luck.

Pretty Cindy, in on Friday, out on Sunday

I took Cindy from AFCD on Friday, and although I’d written that I didn’t think she’d be with us for long even I was surprised to get a text to say she had been adopted.  She is lovely though.

Even more of a surprise was the news that Simba is first in line to join lovely Banka as a ‘brother’.  Banka has been featured regularly on Mandy Chu’s photoblog (all photos today are Mandy’s) as he’s a regular at Whiskers’n’Paws after being adopted as a (very cute) baby pup, and today he and his family visited the kennels to interview potential friends.

I got Simba from AFCD on Thursday, along with Sheba, a black and tan girl who looks very like my own Inky.  Both were picked up by the dog catchers as strays, but they are two of the semi-owned dogs, meaning that although they’re not licensed or wearing a collar they “belong” to somewhere like a garage, or work site of some description.  These dogs are fed by workers and so attach themselves to the source of their food and shelter, and you can see many dogs like this throughout the territory.  Personally I think that AFCD should be going round licensing and vaccinating these dogs rather than catching (and killing) them.  They are all extremely friendly and bother nobody.  Of course they also need desexing, and it’s clear that Sheba has had puppies although she’s a young dog herself.

Gentle Simba getting ready for his next interview

When I saw Sheba and Simba at AFCD, they were two of many new dogs that had been picked up.  Sheba, being short haired, looked clean and healthy, whereas Simba’s coat was very dirty and full of what I call vegetarian ticks, ie. burrs.  These are the prickly seeds that attach themselves to anything and everything (and my bed is always full of them after Sandy has spent the night under the covers!).  Still, I could see that both dogs were very sweet and friendly, and it was so unfair that they would be killed in just a few days.  Although they were very scared of what was about to happen to them when I took (well, dragged to be honest) them out of their kennel, they didn’t do anything to protect themselves.  If there is one time in a dog’s life where biting would be perfectly understandable, it would be at this time when they assume they are being taken to be killed. Dogs at AFCD have to watch and hear what is done to others, and wait their turn.  Believe me, they know.

So hearing the news that Simba may be going to a new home was absolutely brilliant, and I hope he isn’t too nervous at his second interview later this week.  Volunteers have been brushing him to get rid of the dirt and burrs, so he already looks a lot better than he did.  Good luck, Simba, you deserve the very best.

On the same day that Simba and Sheba joined us, so did the “princes”, poms William and Harry.  William was adopted on Saturday, and Harry went today.  This has been quite a week for in-and-out dogs!

Boo-tiful Boo adopted

At Whiskers’n’Paws, it was no surprise when Boo was adopted.  It was his first outing and he was an instant attraction.  Being very cute and fluffy is a real bonus when you’re a puppy needing a home.

Yogi didn't have to wait long either

It was also Yogi’s first time at an adoption afternoon, and he too was lucky.

Next Sunday a whole new group of baby pups will make their debut.  This will be the last Sunday before Christmas, and while giving puppies (or any animals) as Christmas gifts can be a terrible mistake, it’s also a lovely thing to do if it’s going to be a lifetime commitment.  Spending money on presents that last a short time, or are unwanted anyway, is such a waste.  Giving a home, and a life, to a dog or puppy is surely the best gift of all.

I dread to think of all the cute pet shop puppies that will find their way into Christmas stockings this year, and which will subsequently end up abandoned when the novelty wears off.  Whatever time of year it is, when you adopt you must be sure that it’s for life, not just for while it’s convenient.


3 Responses to “Sun 13th December: In-and-out dogs”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I saw someone took a very sick poodle puppy to the vet which they bought from pet shop of $10,000. They asked the vet to write a proof for them so they can return the dog to the pet shop and get the money back. The owner even just wait outside in the car and only ask the helper & a kid to do that. I wonder why people is so cruel and never care about the life of the dog. It makes me very angry. I hated people to treat dog as a commodity.

    • Sally Says:

      Was that the poodle puppy at SPCA on Friday? The kid didn’t seem at all bothered. I’m sure the parents were only concerned about getting their money back too. What do they think the pet shop will do to the puppy? Cure it? Hah. Dream on.

  2. Josie Says:

    I whole-heartedly appreciate what the HKDR is doing for all the dogs, I’ve had my first walking shift at the Pokfulam kennel today, all the dogs are lovely, they’re just absolutely amazing! How hard it is for people to understand that dogs are living creatures and they’re not a toy which you can dispose them once you get bored with them, they’re life time companion and they deserved to be well-treated!

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