Fri 11th December: Action packed day

While I was busy doing what I do in the mornings (working at my computer, walking the dogs, cleaning up after them etc), a team of volunteers from Bloomberg arrived at kennels along with Bernie Lo, Bloomberg TV’s anchor and avid supporter of HKDR (and animal rights in general).  Mark put them to work with various tasks, and by the time I arrived after an early afternoon meeting in Central, everyone was just returning from having taken a large group of dogs for a long walk.  There’ll be some footage on TV of the day, and I just need to check with Bernie when it will be aired.

My meeting was with Lands Department (again).  I feel I’m getting to know them too well.  Anyway, there’s another prospective site for us to visit next week, but like all the others it has its pros and cons, limited access being the biggest concern.  We’re starting to narrow the options down and have a Master Plan in mind, but I won’t tempt fate by saying anything until we have secured at least one of the sites.  I keep hearing people say “But you have somewhere in the New Territories, I read it in the SCMP”.   Talk about pros and cons, what can you say about a front page article which gives the wrong information?

After the Bloomberg crew had left (and thanks to everyone for their efforts), I had to make another visit to AFCD to take out the dog I’d reserved earlier, a beautiful young girl around 8 months old.  She’d been caught on a hillside, a recently dumped pet who had been lucky enough to have been around when the dog catchers arrived.  She’s now called Cindy.

I’d also been told about a litter of puppies born in Sok Kwu Wan, the bay in Lamma where all the seafood restaurants are.  Many of the restaurants have dogs which are semi-owned, that is they’re fed and allowed to stay around, but licensing and desexing is something quite alien to these dogs and their “owners”.   Subsequently many unwanted pups are born, and this being a tourist destination as well as popular with Hong Kongers, the dogs have to go.  AFCD carry out regular swoops and the dogs and puppies end up at AFCD. 

One litter of nine puppies (that’s how fast the dog population multiplies) was saved by one of our HKDR volunteers who lives locally.  Amazingly she managed to find homes for seven of the puppies, while LAWC on Lamma took two.  Unfortunately, while being taken to the ferry one of the adopted pups escaped and ran off, and I found out that she had been picked up by AFCD.  At six weeks of age, and being a singleton, Gloria wasn’t going to survive so she’s now one of the baby group on Lamma. 

Once the routine vet visit was over, I had to make one last shopping trip to the supermarket to buy some sushi for the volunteers’ party, which was due to start in an hour’s time.    I should add that this was more than just a general (early) Christmas party for the volunteers, it was also a 60th birthday party for Terry, one of our long-term dog walkers. Terry very generously sponsored almost all of the costs for the food and drink, and because it got too busy and too noisy to be able to say anything at the time, thank you Terry, and Happy Birthday!

Lox and friends

In fact, all of our plans for a speech, thanks, competitions and prizes were pretty much scuppered because there were so many people and so much going on, but I do want to say a HUGE thank you to our amazing volunteers, the best in Hong Kong for sure.  Even while the stocks of food and drink were dwindling, the dogs were being taken out for walks and just to join the party.  There was a very welcome and unexpected guest in Lox, who only recently emerged from his shell but who seemed very relaxed and happy to be petted and photographed, and was even pulling to go for a walk.  Amazing.  I know there will be lots of photos posted on our Facebook Fan Page, so check it out.


4 Responses to “Fri 11th December: Action packed day”

  1. Rachael Says:

    I’m incredulous how these simple articles in the newspaper so often get the facts wrong, it’s happened so many times now…..

  2. Diana Says:

    Hope you will be able to find a new site soon.

  3. jennifer Says:

    sadly yes -_- and since i was once a journalist before i switched careers into education, i made contact with my old friend who’s currently a reporter at SCMP to mention that mistake!

  4. stella Says:

    I appreciate Jennifer’s contact to her ex-colleague in SCMP and futhermore I think they should publish correction column for HKDR because it’s the time we really need public attention badly rather than let them be relieved and forget about us by false belief that we already found the site.

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