Thurs 10th December: Cosmo out, poms in

Yes, the day finally arrived.  Cosmo, king of the office dogs, was adopted after an inexplicably long wait.  But even as we waved goodbye to his cheeky freckled face there were two newbies standing by to replace him, both poms fresh out of AFCD.

Pom number one had been at AFCD for quite a while as he was one of the unfortunates who had a pet shop microchip but no registered owner.  This is where the compulsory microchipping of all pet shop puppies becomes nonsensical, as although the dogs have chips no record is kept by the pet shops as to who bought them.  So the animals remain simply pet shop dogs with no official owner and no rabies vaccination or license.  They have to stay at AFCD until everyone finally gives up, and that can take a long time. This particular dog is the most handsome pom I’ve ever seem, with his full and flowing coat of cream-with-highlights, but obviously not special enough to save him from being abandoned.  He’s still a very young dog, and so regal that we gave him the name of (Prince) William.

Pom number two was surrendered to AFCD by his owners because they had just re-painted their home white and didn’t want a dog to make it dirty.  The sad thing is that not only are they clearly scum of the earth for giving up their 5-year old dog for this reason, but they even told the AFCD staff why they were doing it.  Wouldn’t any normal person be so incredibly embarrassed that they would lie (as most others do)?  Anyway, I reckon this little guy was lucky to get away from such terrible people, and he has now become another prince – Harry.

To counteract the awfulness of these ex-dog owners, faith in humanity was  restored when a group of students from the DB International School came to the kennels to present a massive (in all ways) cheque for $11,500 (and a pile of dog food) which they had collected.  I wasn’t there to collect the donations, but our trainer (as well as all the other jobs he takes on), Mark, was happy to accept.  Thanks to all the students who were part of this fundraising initiative, as it was a great effort and result.

Students from the DB International School hand over a whopping cheque

The auction for the Lakers v. Denver Nuggets game is now up on the website.  Here’s the link and your chance to see the game in full VIP style!


3 Responses to “Thurs 10th December: Cosmo out, poms in”

  1. Gene Lin Says:

    Those owners has no bound in shame and cruelness,

  2. Yenni Says:

    So happy to hear Cosmo is adopted! Bet he will be the king at the new home. How’s his brother Luca? Hope he is coping well… and he too will be adopted soon.

    • Sally Says:

      Actually, Luca was very happy to see Cosmo leave as the two had fallen out and Luca was definitely the underdog, and was being beaten up by Cosmo on a regular basis. It was good to see Luca out and playing today, rather than hiding from Cosmo. Luca’s turn will come.

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