Weds 9th December: A new look at toilet training

I have a new-ish litter of puppies who have turned the meaning of toilet training on its head.  They have chosen to live on the balcony and use the inside puppy enclosure as their toilet.   They’re 100% consistent so I have to say that they’re clean, but now I have to persuade them that they’ve got it all wrong and will they please move inside.

The problem with training puppies to use newspaper as their preferred toilet surface is that dogs are such animals of routine that they like to stick to what they know.  So the puppies who recently moved downstairs to the garden from the bedroom are doing extremely well in holding everything in for the night, but when I open the doors in the morning they rush in to relieve themselves on the towels, the closest they can get to newspaper!  It seems the entire current batch of puppies have got everything back to front.

There’s so much going on at the moment that it’s difficult to keep everything as up to date as it should be.  We really need more volunteers to help with things like IT, events, promotions, school programmes and the website (as well as dog walking, of course).  At the moment it’s all being handled by just one or two people, and it’s too much work.  On top of that I’m having to spend more and more time out of the kennels on the search for a new site, so I’m not available to help out.  Much of this work can be done via the internet so please, if you have time to spare and have skills that we can use please get in touch. 

I was also out of the office yesterday for a meeting about the new Tribute Book.  Although we’ve already started on the photo shoots, the details and webpage are still being sorted but hopefully all will be revealed very soon (there’s another job that needs doing).

On Friday I have an appointment with Lands Department, and next Tuesday I’ll be out looking at the sites that Swire, our current landlords, have proposed as alternatives.  I think we’ve considered all possibilities and locations, and have been trying to come to terms with the fact that nowhere will be as convenient as our current kennels.  We’re right next door to both AFCD and SPCA vet clinic, and nothing could match that for convenience.

Another one of my current jobs is as shopper for the volunteers’ party on Friday (catering and decoration have been taken on by others), so I’ve been making frequent trips to the supermarket for wine, beer, soft drinks and nibbles.  How much to buy though?  How much will people drink?  How many will turn up?  If there’s one thing I know nothing about it’s organising parties!


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