Tues 8th December: Two lucky dogs

Today’s visit to AFCD was a very happy one for a change.  Two dogs that I’d seen last week and wanted to save have adoption requests.  That means that a member of the public has asked AFCD if they can adopt the dogs, and while they can’t do so directly it can be arranged through any of the approved organisations, such as HKDR.  There’s a lovely boxer cross and an older, sweet mongrel who was picked up in Shek O.   He would be much more difficult to home than the boxer cross, and I’m very, very happy for him, not to mention relieved.

One of the dogs recently caught by AFCD in the hillside is an incredibly sweet and pretty older puppy (around 6 months).  She is obviously a pet that had only just been abandoned to her (terrible) fate, so it was easy for the dog catchers to nab her.  Thank God.  I can only take her on Friday because of the four day requirement, but I think she’ll go quickly once available.

Obviously the search for a new site hangs over everything we do, and while there are several possibilities none of them are what we really want.   The site that was too good to be true, was indeed just that – not available.  The hunt continues.

Johnnie looking like an angel (which he normally is)

On Lamma I’m having some trouble with two of the puppies who clearly hate each other.  Doglets Sumo and Chip still have a good bark at each other regularly, but the new enemies are Satchel and Johnnie, both males and both around four months old. Although sweet as pie with people and absolutely fine with other dogs, these two fight ferociously with each other at every opportunity, and it’s serious.  Satchel is the smaller of the two and was adopted and returned (nothing to do with him or his behaviour), so there was a brief respite from the fighting.  Now I have to think about moving one of the puppies to the kennels, although there isn’t really anywhere for a young puppy to go especially a very small boy like Satchel.  I have no idea why dogs take such a dislike to each other, and at such a young age.


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