Mon 7th December: Puppy exchange

It was chaotic in the afternoon when a bunch of puppies were brought in for vaccinations and adoption, and new fosters picked up.  Two of the seven orphan babies I got from AFCD two weeks ago came back for their second vaccinations, and to be handed over to their adopter.  They’ve grown so much and are absolutely gorgeous boys as well as being very lucky.

I’d been to AFCD earlier in the afternoon to take out the first lot of pups from the mother who was having to feed and care for two litters, and as it turned out that there were only three of them big enough to safely go, they were taken home by the foster who had been looking after the two pups just adopted.  Fair exchange.

Three other tiny babies that I’d taken from AFCD on Thursday also went off to a new foster home, while the puppy I’d picked up on Friday while checking out potential kennel sites was given a name and a vaccination. She is now Poppy, and is such a pretty and sweet girl, always happy and wagging her fluffy little tail.

Phew, it’s hard to keep up with all the puppies and fosters, not to mention having to think up names on the spot.  Thankfully once the puppies have gone off to their respective foster homes it’s time for Maria to take over as our foster coordinator.

Lovely Etta, safe for life now

There was a special adoption today when Etta was taken home by a lovely family who already have two of our HKDR dogs.  At ten years old, it’s hard for larger dogs to find homes, especially mongrels (although Spotty the dalmation is also still waiting), so when we say goodbye to a dog like Etta it’s an extra-special feeling.

Lox emerges into the sunshine at last

Another special dog who has changed so much since first coming to us from AFCD is Lox.  He was given that name because his coat was so matted  in dreadlocks  that the only way to deal with it was to give him a complete shave.  For months Lox stayed in the house in what we call the “big field”, and he only appeared when he needed to pee or poo, then disappeared back inside.  His meals were served to him in bed, and he had no interest in anything or anyone.  It was a big day when he was first spotted outside his house, not doing much but at least emerging from his self-imposed isolation.  Then he started to take an interest in what was going on around him, and finally I got the news that one of the volunteers had actually got him out of the kennel gates for a walk.  Little things like this are big in HKDR.  To see a dog that had previously almost totally shut down finally come to life is just the best.

Whoever thought Rollo would play like this?

One more dog who has been re-born is Rollo.  He came to Lamma as a very cute fluffy puppy, but for whatever reason he wasn’t adopted at that stage (we didn’t have the kennels or the opportunity for homing that we have now) and he grew into a very insecure and sad adult.  He was picked on by the other dogs to such an extent that he was moved to kennels for his own safety, and there he stayed for a long time until finally someone fell in love with him. Every time I see Rollo now (he is a frequent visitor to Whiskers’n’Paws), he looks better and happier that the last time, and it’s only now, at around five years of age, that he is finally starting to play.  His adopter sent me a series of photos, and while this one isn’t the best in terms of quality it shows Rollo playing like a puppy, and obviously so happy.  This was worth waiting for, even if it did take a long time.

Here’s my wish for the day (from Australia): 

ANTONIA MAGEE, MELBOURNE December 04, 2009 11:15pm

 OWNERS who don’t walk their dogs at least once a day face punishment under animal welfare laws proposed by an RSPCA chief.

 Under Dr Hugh Wirth’s plan, cat and dog owners who do not care for their pets properly would face fines of up to $12,000 for animal cruelty and even jail in extreme cases.


7 Responses to “Mon 7th December: Puppy exchange”

  1. Angie Says:

    So wonderful, so heart-warming, so uplifting these stories are…
    Of their new lives and recoveries/progresses…
    Thank you Sally.

  2. ivy Says:

    so happy that Lox finally willing to leave his comfort zone…i believe his big day is not far away.

    its touching to see today’s rollo when compared with the old day of him who was always sad and quietly lying in the kennels. And yes, it was worth to wait and we/rollo made it!!

  3. Marie Says:

    Oh Rollo!!!! Im so pleased!!!!:):):) Another great pic- good start to my day. Yippeee! Thanks!

  4. Jonathan TSE Says:

    Glad to hear that Etta is having her new home. Best wishes for her new life !

  5. May Says:

    Rollo ^^ so happy for you!!
    the greatest reward for volunteering at HKDR is to see photos such as this one!!!! it makes sore arms & legs, stinky tees & mud & poo covered sneakers all worthwhile…hahaha

  6. Marie Says:

    Just wanted to say that posts like these really make my day.

    Please do post when Spotty gets adopted! I try to walk him every time I go because he is just the biggest sweetheart 🙂

  7. Eva Says:

    When i saw Rollo at P2F and knew that he was already adopted, i was so happy to hear about that as he was a room mate of my Eden. Rollo really so nice and quite!

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