Sun 6th December: Any basketball fans out there?

Crumble was adopted today

After last week’s break for Peak to Fong it was back to Whiskers’n’Paws as usual today.  I had been asked to take Willow as a potential friend for a puppy, now adult dog, who had been adopted from Lamma some time ago, but Willow had other plans.  As I was trying to get on the sampan with her and a few other puppies on leashes, she pulled back, slipped out of her collar and ran.  I almost got her again but she was too smart and too fast, and she dived into some bushes to avoid me.  It ended up being Willow’s loss as lovely Crumble was adopted instead.  Next time Willow will be in a travel crate.

Nancy was returned as I knew she would be, so it was one in and one out.

Fido is captured by a puppy hugger

There weren’t any adoptions for Mandy Chu to photograph as Crumble didn’t go until the very end of the day, but I did manage to get some photos of some very special tickets, if you’re a basketball fan that is.  We have been give four tickets for a Lakers v. Denver Nuggets game on 28th February, and these will be auctioned online starting this week.   I know nothing about basketball but I’m told these tickets are HOT! They aren’t even for the normal stadium seats, they’re for a private suite in the stadium itself.  Their face value is around US$2,000 but that doesn’t mean you can just go out and buy them.  You have to know someone who knows someone, and even then it wouldn’t be easy.

Lakers v. Denver Nuggets anyone?

We’ll also be holding a silent online auction for the orginal Larry Feign cartoon drawing which I mentioned a while back,, but we decided to keep  until after Peak to Fong.  This is a genuine original which comes with a certificate of authenticity, and it’s a classic Lily Wong strip from the early 90’s.  The subject shows that nothing has changed as far as pet shops and the puppy trade goes.  This is a great gift for all dog lovers, and one that is perfect for the person who already has everything.

Keep an eye out for auction details on the website.  And don’t forget to check the winning raffle numbers as I don’t think the first prize of a $10,000 Lane Crawford voucher has been claimed yet.  Correction: the lucky winner picked the voucher up on Saturday.  Congratulations!

Although it was a quiet (and cold) day for adoptions at Whiskers’n’Paws, there were some lucky dogs at kennels today.  Tippy, the very

I'm so happy sweet Tippy has a home

sweet girl who checked herself into AFCD thinking it was a holiday camp, was chosen, as were Dicky the pug (left behind in the corridor when his owners moved out), Selina the sheltie (what took so long?), and finally a big one, literally, in Bobby the St Bernard.

The start of another week means the resumption of the search for a new kennel site, and following up on potential areas that we looked at last Friday.  It’s immensely frustrating not being able to make any plans beyond early next year as we just don’t know where we’ll be or what will happen.  At the moment all we can do is to keep asking for homes for our dogs, and money to help us make the move and to build new kennels when the time comes. Please help us to spread the word so that every single person in Hong Kong knows what is happening. 

Heads and tails on Lamma (Derek, Mina and Teddy)

To end on a happy note, here are a couple of lovely shots of our dogs doing what dogs love best …………………………

Just proving that there ARE lovely beaches in Hong Kong


9 Responses to “Sun 6th December: Any basketball fans out there?”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    Which beach are the four dogs running on?

    • Sally Says:

      It’s Tai Long Wan in the NT. Photo’s by Mandy Chu so you can ask her, but it’s a long way from DB and from my memory (a long time ago), it’s quite hard to get to.

  2. Diana Lee Says:

    after hearing so many sad stories, these photos really make my day. though some unfortunates still couldn’t find a permanent home, they are not too unfortunate under your love and care. those cannot adopt should keep donate to keep HKDR running!!!!

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, they’re great photos. The Lamma dogs still need a home but the dogs running on the beach are the lucky ones that have already been adopted.

  3. ken Says:

    Any potential sites identified? I recall that there is a natural park near your current site that may be available,although you have to build everything from zero.

  4. Mandy Chu Says:

    Hi Abby and Lou, Tai Long Wan is located Sai Kung around Sai Kung West Country Park, it takes about 3 hours hike to get there but 100% worth it!

  5. Marie Says:

    Beautiful photos… made me smile:)
    Thank you for sharing! x

  6. Abby and Lou Says:

    The beach sure looks nice. We take the girls to the Mui Wo/Silvermine Bay beach but the stray dogs there are very territorial. They don’t seem to like swimming in pools as much. In fact Abby CAN’T when she tried at Pet World.

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