Sat 5th December: Not all happy endings

Unfortunately not all adoptions turn out to have happy endings.  Puppy Satchel was suddenly returned after just a week with some complicated story which was irrelevant to the case, and only the fact that a puppy I thought had a home for life but came back mattered.  

Satchel is back and needs a home


Poor Nancy, taken on a trial basis for a week and returned after a month, then re-adopted by another family, is also coming back.  In fact she was brought to kennels today, again without notice, so I asked that the adopters bring her to Whiskers’n’Paws tomorrow.  I’m a bit confused as to the reason for her being given up as the email first said the maid was scared of the puppy, and then finished with describing Nancy as a very sweet girl – which she is.  She must also be a very confused puppy as well.

Worst of all, I was asked if I could help find a home for a 15-month old dog that had been on the verge of being dumped.  It was only the kindness of the person who contacted me (herself an adopter of two HKDR puppies) that saved the dog from literally being thrown out.  The family, who had adopted Tricia-now-Charlie as a puppy, had gone and bought themselves a schnauzer puppy instead and wanted rid of the old model.  I thought I recognised the dog and the adopter’s name sounded familiar (an expat, by the way), and so I trawled through old emails and information and came up with a result.  Now sweet Charlie (as she is) is in foster with the lovely person who saved her life, and we need a new home for her.  What I think about the family that traded her in a for a breed, and a bought one at that, is unprintable.  I hope they have fun with their schnauzer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it too is dumped before too long.

Tricia-now-Charlie, saved at the last minute

Just so everyone who does this to their dog knows, there is a list of names which unfortunately grows ever longer, and the couple who just got rid of Charlie are now at the top.  Their cards are marked.

Apart from my frustration about the puppies I thought were adopted and who are, or will, be back, I have to wait until Monday to be able to contact anyone about possible kennel sites.  I’m champing at the bit and eager to get moving, as with every day that passes we get closer and closer to 28th February, our official eviction date.  I have heard nothing from Swire about the pieces of land that they have out in the New Territories, and they must surely be aware of the urgency.


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