Fri 4th December: The search continues

Along with some other volunteers, I spent the day out and about in the New Territories looking for, and at, potential kennel sites.  We went all over the place, discovering what seemed like long-lost worlds, pockets of civilisation and new village housing popping up in the most unexpected and remote areas.

Armed with maps and very vague details of sites to visit, much of the time was spent searching in the wrong places, and a couple of times we simply had to give up.  If we couldn’t even find the place, it wasn’t going to be easy for volunteers or adopters either.  What we did find were stray dogs – everywhere.  This has always been my big fear about moving to the NT where the stray dog problem is so bad.  How would we deal with the sheer numbers that would inevitably end up on our doorstep?   In every group of dogs there were puppies and pregnant bitches.  The situation is even worse than I anticipated, and it’s ironic that there would be a guaranteed objection to any hint of kennels moving to the area when the place is already overrun with dogs.  In one particularly nice spot in Tai Po where new houses were being built alongside the old village houses,  a pack of dogs came hurtling towards us from nowhere, while other seemingly un-owned dogs lolled around in the sun.  There was a lone puppy, so cute and fluffy and looking very lost, and yes, I picked it up and she’s now on Lamma.  At least she won’t be having any puppies.

It was getting dark by the time we got to the last site, and it also took some finding.  We had almost given up all hope of locating it when we found a side road which led to the area marked on the map.  The place had possibilities, and was at least far enough away from any residential area that there would be no objections about noise. 

There was one other site which we found and which would make the most amazing kennels, but I don’t want to say anything else at this point.  We have found amazing sites before and been so excited, but it’s all come to nothing.

The front page of the SCMP on Monday implied that we had already found a site, and I don’t know why it was written like that.  I need to clarify that at this point we have nowhere, and even though we found two sites yesterday that could be possible, that’s only the start.

While we were out and about, I was getting updates about adoptions.  Little Chickie, the King Charles/chihuahua cross, has moved to the Peak, while two of my baby pups were adopted together from their foster home.  This litter is moving quite fast, and they are particularly cute puppies that won’t grow too big.  My new babies are doing well and seem to like their goopy soup of liquidised puppy food.

The best adoption news was about Lolita, a black labalike who has been with us for quite a while.   She’s found kennel life hard, so we’re particularly happy that she’s found a home at last.


5 Responses to “Fri 4th December: The search continues”

  1. stella Says:

    I am so happy for Lolita as well. I hope she retrieves her own character soon that she showed us when she arrived at the kennel – live and the will to fight back if it’s neccessary. One time I took Lolita and Hugo to the peak. Lolita was more energetic than Hugo and whenever Hugo was behind of her, she stopped walking to wait for Hugo catching her up. She is loyal and amazing!

  2. Norma M Says:

    Hugo, Miles and now Lolita. Seems like that was a very lucky kennel. So glad for her as I know how hard it was for her in kennels.
    Hope for a lovely home for Fuzzy now as she is also having a very tough time and is so lovely.

  3. Rachael Says:

    That’s just fantastic about Lolita, she lost so much confidence after being beaten up at kennels, it was painful to see. So happy for her.

  4. Abby and Lou Says:

    The couple is really nice and his boss adopted Tino and directed them to us. They were thinking of Drama and Chickie but very happy for Lolita. He used to have Tibetan Mastiffs so experienced with strong dogs!

  5. Sally Says:

    We’re so happy for Lolita as it’s been really tough for her in kennels, but she’s still with us for now as her adopters are away for Christmas. Please remember to walk her when you’re at kennels – she needs us for just another few weeks before she goes home forever!

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