Thurs 3rd December: Baby puppies

Boo and Yogi came back from hospital and are playing and eating as though they have never been away.  Puppies crash so quickly, but happily also make just as fast recoveries if they survive.

It was another frantic afternoon as I had an appointment for a magazine interview as well as two foster puppy pick-ups.  The remaining two puppies from a litter of seven that I had on Lamma went to the same foster home that had the siblings, as they had been moved on to an adopter (yeah!)  The new foster home had come to take some of the add-ons that the mother dog at AFCD was having to feed on top of her own litter, but when I went to collect the pups I found another litter of seven babies had just arrived.  Aaarrrghh!  These became the priority as they had no mother with them and wouldn’t survive without proper food and care.  Four went straight to foster and three came back to Lamma with me.  Happily they are just old enough to suck up liquidised puppy food so don’t need bottle feeding.

AFCD was crammed with new dogs, almost all of them “hillside” dogs, that is  semi-feral.  They are never truly wild dogs as those would never be dumb enough to allow themselves to be caught, so the ones that end up at AFCD are either pets that have been abandoned or strays that are being fed so aren’t wary enough of humans to stay away.  Sometimes the inate good nature of such dogs makes it easy for them to adjust to living with humans, while others are just too terrfied to be able to help.  This is a particularly bad time to be having to make life or death decisions, as I need to know that any dogs I choose will be in-and-out ones, and not those that will take time to home.  Christmas is traditionally a slow time for adoptions as many people are away, but with the move from our kennels hanging over our heads  it’s going to be doubly difficult.  I can’t really describe how it feels to walk along the row of kennels and to have to choose who will live and who will die.

Still no word from Swire. 

There was a photo shoot today for next year’s Tribute Book 3, and while we’re still preparing the webpage for the book, you can already get your name down.  Email me for details.  (There is a charge for inclusion, as this  help cover the production costs).

If you’re still looking for those special Xmas gifts (and I can’t believe we’re just two weeks away from Christmas), we have some great ideas which will also help us.  The very popular HKDR mugs, 2010 diaries and calendars, limited edition HKDR sweat tops and hoodies (very nice),  festive dog toys and Christmas (dog) stockings (yes, puppies, there really IS a Santa Claws),  Xmas cards and lots more.  This coming weekend we’ll be at St Stephen’s Chapel Fete at Stanley (Saturday), and the Hong Kong Country Club on Sunday.  Keep checking our website for other venues as we’re often offered space at the last minute.

And volunteers, if you don’t put your name down for our special party next Friday I won’t let you in!!


4 Responses to “Thurs 3rd December: Baby puppies”

  1. Francine Says:

    I’m a member of HKCC. I’m plannin’ on going to buy a few things since I did not buy enough last sunday during the LKF party!! Could you let me know where exactly in the Country club you guys will be? Near the poolside? Outside the tennis courts??

    Thanks a ton!

  2. Marie Says:

    Just a quick question: is the HKDR merchandise also sold at the Pokfulam kennels?

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