Weds 4th December: Lands Department – again

I got good news from the SPCA hospital in Wanchai where Boo and Yogi are staying: neither have parvovirus.  Whatever caused the lethargy and bloody diarrhoea is responding to treatment and they can come home tomorrow.  On the other hand Susannah, the gorgeous young beagle cross girl at kennels,  had to be sent to hospital where she tested positive for the virus so will be staying on a drip until she recovers.  I say “until” rather than “if” because being older she should have a far better chance of survival than a puppy. 

More happy news: Scooby, beagle Callum and labrador Mandy were adopted today.  I hadn’t even realised that Jiggy went from kennels on Sunday as I was so pre-occupied with P2F, but the list is getting long.  Rory, Fizz, Bonnie, Teddy (not the labradoodle Teddy), Fei Fei, Hamish, Woody, Monty, Chudley, Arthur, in-and-out poodle, in-and-out border collie Tessa, and others I’ve missed.   Only three pure mongrels though.

Along with volunteers Catherine and Linda, I went to Lands Department to have another look  at possible government sites available.  Trying to get this information over the past year or so has been like trying to get blood out of a stone, and it’s still that way.  Frustrating doesn’t even start to cover it.  Anyway we’ll be out and about again on Friday driving round the countryside checking sites that might work.  There’s been no news from Swire. 

The kennel eviction is top of my mind all the time, and while there are other things going on such as the Giving Back programme, the Volunteer Party, the various fairs, photo shoots for next year’s Tribute Book 3 and more surprises in the pipeline (which will shortly be revealed), if we don’t have a place for our dogs it’s all pretty irrelevant.  I’m getting a lot of emails with offers of help and suggestions which I’ll be replying to and/or following up, so thanks to everyone who has contacted me.

Have you had a look at all the P2F photos on our Facebook Fan Page?  There are so many great shots and you could very well be featured.  We have to choose winners for the photo competition and I don’t know how anyone will be able to do that.  It’s going to be really hard to decide.  

Apologies for the dearth of photos lately (other than Peak to Fong).  I seem to be rushing all the time and my camera is gathering dust.  I know just text can get a bit boring so I’ll try to find some nice shots to add.  Here’s something festive and cute, and has the right message – Wish I had a home for Christmas:

Milky-now-Casper sharing the love

Here's one I left off the dogs adopted list. Tino was adopted on Sunday too


2 Responses to “Weds 4th December: Lands Department – again”

  1. William Tsui Says:

    My Friend adopted Woody on Sunday, and he is now called Happy.
    Speedy Dad

  2. Jonathan Says:

    A friend of mine is HKDR’s volunteer and therefore I was given with achance to join your P2F event on last Sunday. I was deeply impressed by all the fantastic arrangements made by your people. Congratulations for a great success of the programme, and best wishes for the matter regarding the selection of a new site.

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