Tues 1st December: Making plans

Puppies Boo and Yogi were sent to hospital early this morning, and their fate now lies in the hands of Lady Luck as much as anyone else.  Parvovirus, a man-made disease (created by mad scientists) has no cure, and the only good thing I can say about it is that it’s better than distemper because the puppy either lives or dies.  With distemper the virus can remain in the body after the puppy appears to have recovered, then returns with a vengeance. It’s the cruellest of diseases, although parvo isn’t far behind.

The focus of my attention now is to find a new site for our kennels, and with every day that passes we are getting closer to E-Day (eviction).  There have been a lot of interesting ideas and thoughts, as well as offers of help, so now it’s a matter of seeing what will work.  I plan to spend tomorrow visiting various District Offices, and looking at different areas and their potential.  To be honest, the New Territories is a mystery to me and I tend to lump everywhere together and imagine them only as “up there”. I need to educate myself, and fast.  I have only ever lived on Lamma (apart from two years on a boat at Aberdeen when I first arrived here), so even Hong Kong Island is “across the sea”.

Some adopters have already come forward thanks to my plea to try to get as many dogs in homes as possible before the big move.  I was so happy today to see Bumper leave, as bull terriers aren’t the easiest dogs to home even if they are sweet and lovely.  There is another bull terrier girl waiting at AFCD kennels and I hope she will also be lucky.  Big Scooby, who pulled Bernie Lo down the hill at a hundred miles an hour at Peak to Fong, was also adopted.    (If you look at the photos of Bernie and Scooby walking, they look just like the P2F image!).

Start of the walk and Scooby leads Bernie Lo all the way down

I’m going to keep bugging everyone to adopt.  Please, please give a dog a home, or if you really can’t, let your friends, neighbours and work colleagues know about our situation.  The more dogs we can get into homes the easier it will be for us to relocate.

I got a call from a local newspaper about the two dogs on the Mainland that had tested positive for swine flu, and was asked if I would be taking any special precautions at kennels because of it, or advising volunteers to have a flu vaccine.  The answer is no and no.  I said I hoped people would be sensible enough not to jump to conclusions, and whether to have a flu jab or not was up to individuals to decide, not me (and I won’t be).   After all, thousands of people in HK have already had swine flu and recovered, and for all we know the two dogs may have caught the virus from their owners.  I really don’t want to add anything to the inevitable media frenzy that causes panic and possible dumping of pets as a result.


3 Responses to “Tues 1st December: Making plans”

  1. Diana Says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about that Pom girl with a pus filled uterus who was supposed to be reunited with her owners. I wonder if her owners loved this girl enough and why had they not desexed her or noticed her health issue before it became so bad. I can only think of ignorance and neglect. I don’t know if it’s a good thing for this poor girl to be reunited with her owners.

    • Sally Says:

      We don’t normally give dogs back to people who have surrendered them, but we have to look at each case on its merit and the circumstances. Ignornace is one thing, but I do believe this family are genuine about their love for the pom, and even moved home so they could have her back. They are happy to cover all her costs.

  2. sandra Snelgrove Says:

    Glad to hear all went so well at the weekend.
    We have a husky called Oscar homed from you three half years ago.
    We live in New Territories…Gold Coast
    Oscar is happy…… as many open beaches for him to swim and lots of counry walks .
    We drive over to island which takes twenty five mins.
    So not so bad. We were like yourself in thinking we have to have a passport to go to Kowloon having lived on HK Island for 18 years…..now happy in NT.
    for over four years now.
    Hoping that you find the right base for the dogs to live before going to new homes…
    Love reading whats happening on your blog.,,,,keeps us all imformed ,,,
    you never know if you come out to NT .i will be able to help with the dogs.

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