Mon 30th November: The day after

D id you see the front page of today’s SCMP?  Peak to Fong made it, with a great photo of Jennifer as the centre of attention.  We need all the publicity we can get now as our search for a new kennel site takes over as our number one priority, sharing top place with adoptions (and raising the money needed coming a close second).

Sunday’s event resulted in adoption for Chudley, a gorgeous black labalike boy whose volunteer for the day, Sarah, was determined to home – and she did it!  Now I just hope that labradoodle Teddy, who came over from Lamma with me, will also be lucky.

I’m bursting with pride for our volunteers, as I’ve been inundated with congratulations and praise for our Peak to Fong fundraiser, and it’s really all down to everyone who helped and participated. 

Now it’s time to move on to the next fundraising opportunity, the first of which was offered to us by the Eclipse Group of restaurants as part of their charity support programme.  Starting tomorrow, 1st December, everyone eating at any of the Eclipse restaurants will have $2 added to their bills, which will be matched by Eclipse themselves, meaning $4 will be collected for every meal.  It’s not a lot and I’m sure nobody will begrudge paying an extra $2, but as this programme will run until Chinese New Year the total will add up to a large amount.  This will be shared between three charities, HKDR being one of them.  These are the restaurants who will be part of the scheme, so please support them as much as you can:  McSorley’s Ale House, Coyote, I-Caramba, Cafe Siam, Taku, McSorley’s Fish & Chips, The Curry House & Tandoor, FogoSamba, Boca and Don Gelato.

Today passed in a bit of a haze as I have to admit to being dog-tired (excuse the pun) after both the Peak to Fong run-up and the news about the kennels.  Even Inky, my very special dog, felt my worry as I lay awake during the night thinking about the future and the uncertainties.  My mind was whirring away as it does when you can’t sleep, and I started to wonder what would happen to the dogs if anything happened to me, and in particular what would happen to Inky.  We have such a strong bond and I can’t imagine not being there for her.  As I lay there thinking, Inky suddenly appeared and climbed onto the bed, lying down next to me.  She stayed for only about five minutes before going back to the laundry basket, her new favourite bed (on top of my washing), but I was quite amazed by her intuitive comforting.

To add to my worries, parvovirus has returned after a long break.  I had even started to get dangerously complacent about the terrible disease as I hadn’t had any cases throughout the summer but now it’s back.  After Joker’s death, I had to have Mariposa put to sleep today to save her from an agonising decline.  She was an incredibly cute puppy, a sheltie cross, but it was all I could do for her.  Already sweet Boo and new puppy, Yogi, are showing signs and I will send them to hospital to see if anything can be done, although I know as a virus it’s only a case of supportive care and luck.  It’s extra distressing because it seems to be the really cute and homeable ones that die, while the hardy village dogs seem to get through it.  It’s unfair that I should see any puppy as more deserving of life than another, but being realistic it’s the cuties that find homes more easily.


One Response to “Mon 30th November: The day after”

  1. Marie Says:

    Peak to Fong looked absolutely brilliant!!! Got my fingers/toes crossed for lots of good PR attention for HKDR. I am sure Jennifer was a stunning model for front page photos!xxx

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