Sat 28th November: Final preparations

The kennels was crazy today as expected, not just with last-minute backpack collection and T-shirt purchases, but adoptions too.  I usually miss at least one from the tally, but from memory: two small dogs from the office, Fizz and Monty, Westie Bonnie from foster, little Fei Fei, collie Rory and at last beautiful Teddy from kennels.  Chickie will go on Monday to a new foster/trial adoption, and pom Starlet will soon be reunited with her family as they confirmed they have just signed a lease on a new apartment, away from the in-laws (see yesterday’s story).

If you are going to Peak to Fong tomorrow and haven’t yet a chance to redeem your tickets, please note that some will be available at the Peak itself. We had to keep this to a minimum as logistlically it wasn’t possible to take a thousand stuffed backpacks up there.  As it is there will be a huge crowd of people and dogs, so please look out for the HKDR volunteers who will point everyone in the right direction (downhill) and to the start.  I will be amongst the first to walk, along with Rosemary, Bernie Lo, Lisa S and others, and we need to get everyone equipped and moving as quickly as possible.  There will be bandanas for the dogs being handed out, but don’t worry if you miss getting one as all spares will be taken down to Lan Kwai Fong.

Once there, there will be lots of things to do and a special section for the kids, Kidz Corner.  Raffle tickets have been selling like hot cakes and sales will continue until we are out of tickets (won’t take long).  The raffles itself will be called at 3.30pm, but announcements throughout the day will let everyone know what’s happening.

Finally, please remember that this whole event was organised by our volunteers, from start to finish.  There may be hiccups, although we hope not, but if things don’t go 100% according to plan, please forgive us and just enjoy yourselves.  This is a party for you and your dogs, so have fun!


3 Responses to “Sat 28th November: Final preparations”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    Fantastic news about Teddy!

    We also ran out of packs in DB. Great meeting so many HKDR dog owners at the fair yesterday and a few were there looking to move to DB, so great for the HKDR dogs!

  2. Alexandra Says:

    Just got back from the party. It was brilliant! We all had great fun.

  3. Fiona Says:

    We had a really wonderful day (two adults and one dog) and are looking forward to the Peak to Fong 2010.

    Thank you to everyone who made it a fun and safe day.

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