Friday 27th Nov: Getting close now

Yes, we’re getting close to both Peak to Fong as well as the date that we have to move out of our kennels.  The meeting with Swire didn’t result in anything concrete,  just a rather scary month-to-month stay of execution and the possibility of some land in the New Territories, but that has to be checked for feasibility (access and utilities etc) and availability.  So we have to face the fact that we will be homeless come February, or with luck slightly later.

The last-minute Peak to Fong rush has started and the phone didn’t stop ringing at the kennels, and ticket holders were pouring in to collect backpacks and to buy T-shirts.  Tomorrow will be mayhem I know, so I’ll be at kennels to help control the crowds (practise for Sunday!)  Please note that backpacks will be available tomorrow (Saturday) at the DB Plaza Fair and the Shun Tak Centre in Central.

Although I’ve been pretty closely involved with all of the Peak to Fong organisation, the minute details have been dealt with by individual volunteer groups and I have to say I’m so impressed with what’s been happening.  I can’t wait to see it all come together on Sunday, and my grovelling thanks must go to Linda who has performed miracles getting this event go from a concept to a reality.  

With all that’s been happening it’s another miracle that the kennels and adoptions have been running as usual, and I have also been going to AFCD to see what and who is coming in.  Yesterday I took out a 1-year labrador girl, Mandy.  She is a typical soft and soppy lab, already overweight (lack of exercise I’m sure), and she’ll be in a home before we have time to blink. 

The other day I took out a border collie who had been incarcerated for some time as the owner kept saying he would be coming to collect her, but finally didn’t.  She was adopted before she even got to the kennels, a matter of 100 yards.  A previous adopter spotted me walking the dog from AFCD and asked if she was available, and that was it.

The pom girl who appeared to be pregnant turned out to have a uterus so pus-filled that it was about to burst, and had she not had surgery when she did she would certainly have died.  It was pure luck that she was surrendered that day, and that I saw her and got her out.  Her owners had said she was “too old” (reason for surrender) but the truth came out when they called the kennels in tears and told the real story.  The in-laws were living with the family and the mother-in-law didn’t like dogs and had been hitting the pom with a stick.  The pom eventually bit back, and was subsequently taken to AFCD.  Now filled with remorse, the family had decided to move out and begged to be able to have their dog back, promising to cover all surgery costs (they had no idea how ill she was).  We’ll see. In the meantime Starlet has gone to a foster home.

I’ve mentioned before that we are seeing more and more stray dogs that are obviously a mix of breeds rather than the local village dog types.  Today there was a group of three older puppies who had been caught by the dog catchers on Cheung Chau.  One looked like a springer spaniel type, another very like a beagle, both very lovely and actually prettier than either breed. The third was the ubiquitous sharpei cross, who may or may not be  related to the other two.  They will have to wait four days before I can take them.

The mother dog who gave birth at AFCD has been given another litter to look after as well as her own.  Now what do I do?  The newborns have to stay with their mother, and the additions are ony slightly older but they will surely push the smaller ones out of the way when it comes to feeding.  This is a nightmare scenario for me, and such a difficult choice to make.

The puppy, Joker, died yesterday shortly after I finished writing my blog entry.  I had sedated him so he wasn’t in pain, but it is always hard to watch.  I don’t know why one puppy from a litter will suddenly fail, but it’s why I don’t take puppies for re-homing until they have had at least 2 vaccinations so are relatively safe.  I can cope with this happening, but it’s very hard for a family who have just brought a puppy home.  It’s very common with pet shop puppies as we all know.


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