Thurs 26th November: Lancelot, a dog with brains

With my head spinning full of thoughts of Peak to Fong and the impending move from Pokfulam, the dogs are still there at the top of my list.  How can they not be when Minky and Sparkle still raid my small-and-shrinking stock of clothes which I find shredded on my bed, mixed in with various chewed-open bottles of supplements (yes, it happened again).  And poor little puppy, Joker, who had to be taken to the vet today as he was passing nothing but blood, and lots of it (parvovirus test negative, but as I’m writing this is he at my side, dying.  There’s nothing I can do except dose him up with pain relief).  This is normal life for me.

Four other puppies went off to foster homes, and with any luck they’ll find permanent homes without having to come back.  All are very lovely so they stand a good chance.

A mystery at kennels was solved when the culprit was exposed.  Someone had been opening gates and letting all the dogs out, and now we know who it is.  Lancelot, a sweet and loving doglet, is obviously a Mensa candidate because in just a short time (he was moved to kennels from Lamma) he has learned how to flip up the catch on the gates and move the bolt over.  That requires real intelligence, as it’s a two-step process.  Now the problem is what to do?  First thing, we need to put extra catches on the gates but this boy needs a home!  He’s clearly quite a special youngster who could be destined for greatness. With proper training there’s no limit to what Lancelot could achieve, and I can just see him as  one of those assistance dogs that help people who have problems with things like opening doors, answering phones  (“hello, Lancelot here”) etc.  Failing that, he’s just make the most amazing family dog, as his intelligence is matched by his sweetness.

I have a meeting arranged with Swire, owners of the kennels site, tomorrow.  The least I’m hoping for is an extension to the three months we’ve been given to vacate.  The best is an alternative site.  Watch this space.

I’ve been inundated with messages over the past couple of days since the news was announced, and I’m really very grateful that we have such wonderful supporters.  Really, I’m overwhelmed.  I’m replying to each email as best I can, but for those who haven’t heard back from me yet, you will.


8 Responses to “Thurs 26th November: Lancelot, a dog with brains”

  1. Gene Lin Says:

    Does this mean Joker will die? Hope he gets better soon.

  2. Philip Young Says:


    Having a second one is really not as hard as you think it’d be.

    I actually found myself spending just as much time and effort cleaning up and catering for two dogs as I did one. Because my dog now has a playmate and that leads to more exercises, less attention seeking and less destructive behaviours.

    My dog was so happy when I brought my second one home from HKDR.

    This is the best help you could give to both the dogs and HKDR.

  3. Carey Says:

    Hi there, just heard the bad news from RTHK this morning. I would like to provide foster care for small size breed dog until you find a new location. Please feel free to let me know if you need any help, thanks!

  4. Vivian Chan Says:

    guess i am not wrong to have called him “prison break baby” when he was tiny. he was the only one who has the skill to break out from the puppy pen in lamma.

  5. Rachael Says:

    I agree 2 dogs are easier in many ways, when you go out you don’t feel so guilty, when you go on holiday they still have one family member with them and best of all 2 dogs allows your dog to still be a DOG and stay well balanced. With the best will in the world we’re all guilty are treating our dogs like humans and create many of their problems in doing so. When I brought my second dog home Gypsy, it was just the most special thing to observe as they started to play…and play…and play. Fantastic exercise both physically and mentally. I would recommend 2 dogs every time, great for you and them. Please do consider a second dog if you are able.

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