Weds 25th November: Updates on all fronts

I need to start with a massive thank you to all the supporters who responded so quickly to the news of our impending eviction.  Apologies if I don’t respond to all individually, but I will try my best to do so.  The news came at both a good and bad time, as we’re in the final days of preparation for Peak to Fong which means all sorts of last-minute details (thank God for such an amazing team who are working all hours to make sure everything happens as it should), there are Christmas Fairs every weekend that need to be arranged and stalls manned and, of course, there are the dogs!

But going back to the kennels, I have been in touch with the landlords and hope that we can at least negotiate an extension to give us some extra time, and maybe even a replacement site.  I’m an eternal optimist and am trying to look at the positive side of this situation, so I’m keeping a vision in my mind of  fantastic new kennels with happy volunteers and even happier dogs.

For all of those who have come up with suggestions for possible sites in the far NT,  this is an area that has a lot of animal shelters because yes, land is cheap and relatively easy to come by, but it’s also very difficult to access.  The shelters that are based up there are long-term shelters where dogs are kept for life (and many in cages or cramped conditions), and that’s not what HKDR is about.  We want our dogs to find homes so we have to be accessible to potential adopters, as well as our volunteers who are also an essential part of HKDR.   If we moved to an area that was so far away that you would need a car to be able to reach us (and a satnav to even find the spot), we would disappear.

We are also just about the only organisation that takes dogs from the Pokfulam AFCD kennels, and without us almost all those dogs would be condemned to die.  Every dog that is surrendered or picked up on Hong Kong, as well as the outlying islands, ends up at the Pokfulam and we can’t simply abandon them.  Of course I know we’ll never find anywhere that’s a close or convenient as our current site, and we’ll almost certainly need a van in future, but it’s a long way from North New Territories to Pokfulam.

Now Peak to Fong: we have recalled all unsold tickets from all locations and online sales have stopped.  Anyone who hasn’t already got tickets, please email us, and for all of you ticket holders who haven’t yet redeemed them for backpacks, please try to do so.  All details are on the website and there are Kowloon and Saikung venues as well as Hong Kong.  If you can’t get a backpack please also let us know.  We’re trying our best to keep close tabs on what’s needed where, and feedback is helpful (and we can also help you).  If you have P2F T-shirts please wear them.  We want to have a sea of green-on-white snaking down from the Peak for great photos and impact.  T-shirts are available at kennels and elsewhere, and they’ll also be at Lan Kwai Fong on the day.

We’ll have volunteers with dog who need homes at the event, and our kennels (of course) are full of orphans waiting for adoption.  Can you give them the biggest Christmas present of their lives by taking one home?  We know and totally agree that “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”, but if you have been thinking about adoption and know that you are ready for the lifetime commitment, a dog is the best family gift of all.


10 Responses to “Weds 25th November: Updates on all fronts”

  1. Gene Lin Says:

    I’ve sent a message to every single person to our schools, to tell them about our situation, hope some will response to me instead of deleting it right away. If HKDR is going to move to a new site, then I’ll have whatever it takes to get to there to do my shift.

  2. Fiona Says:

    Hi Sally

    On a visit to Apleichau a couple of months ago, I met a lovely little girl going by the name of Pia. Is she still with you? I’m wanting to adopt a second dog and was waiting for my dog to arrive from Tenerife and settle in, before making this move. We’ll be on the P2F walk on Sunday, if you still have Pia would it be possible for Lupo (my dog) to meet her.?

    Of course there will be loads of other dogs for him to meet if Pia has already been homed.

    We’re so looking forward to Sunday!

  3. Rick Says:

    I think that you’re being naive if you think that going to the NT will halt your charity. Where do you think a lot of your dogs go? I needed a SATNAV to find your place, Pokfulam is harder to get to (and further) than the airport for a lot of people.

    Places such as Shatin, Tai Wai, Ma On Shan are a stones throw away from Kowloon, Sai Kung and the rest of the NT, you might even like the space! I will always support your decision though, HKDR is an excellent place. Long may you prosper.

  4. Mo Morgan Says:

    Hi Sally – really sorry to hear about the notice on the kennels. I understand the closeness to the Government kennel is good but why does everyone see the NT as so far away.

    Living in the New territories – where its so much easier to have dogs actually Pokfulam was a minefield to get to (and back)

    If you keep yourself marketed online and in emails people WILL come

    Good luck!


    • Sally Says:

      Hi Mo,
      You’re right, and it was only the remote parts of the NT that I was referring to, those places that have no minibus service or any sort of access without a car. We also need deliveries of things like dog food, so there must be decent road access too. We have been looking at NT too.

  5. Fiona Says:

    Sally, I was wondering whether it would be helpful that HKDR also write to the Chief Sec,Henry Tang ( and the relevant LegCo members ( e.g. representing HK Island or Agricultural constituency for assistance in finding a new location.

    • Sally Says:

      All were contacted a long time ago, and I’ve also included Donald Tsang in my list. I’m sure every government department knows about HKDR as I have been asking for help for the past two years.

  6. PE Says:

    If you build it, they will come. GPS or no GPS.

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