Tues 24th November: Eviction by 28th Feb

I’ll start at the end of the day when I read my evening emails and found a notice from Jones Lang LaSalle, managing agents for the owners of the Pokfulam Kennels site, giving us 3 months notice to vacate.  Deadline : 28th February 2010.

We have known that this day would come eventually, but it was still a shock and a surprise, and quite frankly there’s no way we can move out by then unless an army of angels comes to our rescue.  We have been searching for a new site for two years without success, and at this point there is really nothing on the horizon.  The best we can do (apart from continuing to search) is to try and get as many dogs as possible into homes before the given deadline, and that’s where you, our supporters, can help.

If you are thinking about adopting, do it.  If you already have a dog but would consider another one, please take that step.  Your dog will love you for it.  If you have friends who are looking for a dog, tell them about us and our plight.  Right now the dogs need you more than ever, and I know that when our backs have been against the wall before there has always been amazing support and help offered.

Peak to Fong on Sunday will be a platform for us to spread the word as we know that there will be at least a thousand people there, but quite likely many more than that.  We’re planning to have flyers with full information printed in time, and the media have already been informed so watch out for our story.

As if Peak to Fong and the final preparations haven’t been enough to keep us all frantically busy, we now have this to deal with.  The site will become another high rise of course.

Anyway, for the time being life goes on and the sun will be shining for our big day.  There is a last minute mad scramble for tickets which have become as rare as hens’ teeth and like the predicted gold dust.  Contact us for Plan B availability, as we want you all there!



19 Responses to “Tues 24th November: Eviction by 28th Feb”

  1. Gene Lin Says:

    I’ve never know about this, does this means the kennel will be forced to close down for no reason if we can’t find a new site by 28th Fed and what we can do now is only to have as much dogs adopt as possible if we (hopefully not) can’t make it on time?…
    What about the rest of the non-adopted ones if we can’t make it by 28th Feb?

    • Sally Says:

      The owners of the land want to redevelop it and we have known about this for a long time and have been looking for a new site for 2 years. We have to get as many dogs into homes as possible, and let the media help us.

  2. ken Says:

    This is a sad news on the eviction notice. With holidays coming in for the Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year, things are slow too. Would it be feasible to rent a place in the New Territories to house the dogs for, say, two years while the serach for the new kennel is going on?

    • Sally Says:

      It wouldn’t be worth the huge expense of building kennels for the short term even if we could find such land. Our move has to be to a permanent site or we will simply be deferring the problem.

  3. joshua Says:

    Is this possible asking for the extention of time unless we locate the new kennel for those lovely angels? How a shocking news of today….

  4. Linda Law Says:

    Perhaps can organise collection of signatures from public who support HKDR, 1st to collect signatures on this Sunday, and also to carry on in busy areas such as Central, CWB, TST, The Peak….to get as much as possible of signatures and hand to the politicians to help to get some sort of “extention” from the landlord of the kennel? Need to somehow make it more high profile so government hopefully will offer some help….

    • Sally Says:

      Things have already started to happen so I’ll hold back for the moment. I believe a stay of execution may be possible and this publicity may eben be a bonus in the long term. Let’s see.

  5. Jesslyn Cheong Says:

    OMG what a shock that we have to vacate within 3 months!!!
    So does that mean you won’t take in any new dogs before the new kennel site is found?
    And will the dogs that haven’t been adopted by the deadline of the eviction be transferred to other dog shelters?
    Gosh I’m really worried about the long termers of the kennel like Coffee and TJ…
    I hope the owner of the land can extend the time for eviction…

  6. Michelle Temple Says:

    What about a huge abandoned warehouse in Aberdeen?? Surely there has to be something else … rather than being threatened with eviction .. need to buy somewhere and build? Surely a corporation can help sponsor a new location for you?

  7. Sophie Says:

    BTW, how many dogs do you have at the shelter and I would suggest you upload something about this shocking news at the front of your web i.e. pop-up box. Hope I could help to foster a few of the dogs but I’m leaving soon 😦

    • Sally Says:

      We have 180-190 dogs at Pokfulam, which is why I’m asking people to think about adoption now so we can reduce the numbers before we have to move (assuming we have somewhere to move to).

  8. Sel Says:

    Sally – I think we need to lobby to some of the corporations/wealthy tycoons and individuals who can donate to this cause. I can start in drive within my corporation and do what i can…

  9. Anna Says:

    Sally, we’ll be your army of angels.

  10. Doris Says:

    I totally agree with Sel’s idea. By donation, we don’t mean just money. We need a permanent place.

  11. Michelle Temple Says:

    what about over by the old airport, surely there has to be a plot of land? once you find your plot of land, surely you will be able to find a wealthy enivornmentally friendly and animal loving company to donate to the rescue dogs.

    I know you say you don’t want to put the dogs in a kennel in NT where no-one can see them, but you could have a smaller place on the Island, and the harder to rehome dogs somewhere with more space? something has to be workable rather than trying to adopt out in a mad rush ….

    Sally, can you get a generic letter going, so volunteers or people can send out to big CEO’s on your behalf?? ….. I think there should be something on there stating that their company name will be well advertised as being a sponsor (if they infact want that)…it’s up to them..

    The dogs can’t be homeless, which I’m sure they won’t.. and you don’t have time to build somewhere straight away …

    Miracles happen, I really do believe in it.. I know you won’t give up, and neither will anyone else until a new location is found. If you can draft up a letter to email around, we can all start approaching companies with your plight…

    • Sally Says:

      Thanks Michelle. The old airport is already designated for major development (we tried that a long time ago), as well as Lamma (also scheduled for major development). Whatever happens and wherever we move to, it will be a milllion times easier if we can drastically reduce the number of dogs we have to take with us. That would give us time to build etc. Don’t worry, the homes would still be checked just as they are now. It’s not a case of just any home will do. Thanks for your support, and I’ll be updating every day on the blog.

  12. Rahmeena Karamdin Says:

    This is extremely sad indeed. I have posted a message on my Facebook to call for all my dog lovers’ friends to either donate or do adoptions, no matter is temporary or for long. We are counting down and time is running short. Whatever we can do, please let us know.

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