Sunday 22nd November: All sorts

I’m not sure how to start this entry as there’s so much to tell.  I suppose the best news is always about the adoptions, so I’m very happy to say that Elektra, the now-adult puppy that came back from foster after a year, quickly found herself a new home and Nancy, another “trial” puppy, was also adopted.  I’m very happy for them both because it’s so hard to come directly from a home environment into kennels (Elektra) or Lamma (Nancy).

Ernie with his new family

Other puppies who got lucky at Whiskers’n’Paws were Ernie (I’ve written about him before), and Satchel. 


We had some lovely surprise visitors  including Piper, a puppy that went as a typhoon foster and never came back, and who has grown into the most beautiful young dog. 

Piper, super sweet and super handsome

Also Scout, the only black Lorry Pup, who is doing very well and is adored by his “parents”. 

Scout as a baby

I had a realisation when I saw Scout again, and that is that he is related to Oona’s pups.  Why?  Well Oona and the Lorry Mum(s) live very close to each other, so it’s quite possible – probable really – that the father(s) of their offspring are the same.  My current Oona pup, Gala, has the naturally short tail that Lorry Pup Dana has, and Scout’s black and whiskery look is very Oona-like.  His father may be one of Oona’s previous puppies. 

People are surprised when they see a litter of multibreed pups and how different they can be.  Big Bear’s (now Oreo) adopters couldn’t believe that short-haired, tan coloured Crumble was his sister.  They look nothing like each other, but that’s because a litter can have different fathers.  The female can mate several times during her fertile period, and each male may fertilise one or more eggs resulting in a real mish mash of puppies.  Actually it can happen with humans too, but because most women have single babies it’s very rare.

We got this great photo of Josh and Ryan.  This was one adoption that really made everyone happy.  Seeing two lovely adults mongrels going together is the best, and Adelaide with Sophie was another great day.

Ryan (with ball) and his "brother", Josh

This week is the final push before Sunday’s Peak to Fong, and we’re almost at sell-out point.   We are going to be very busy re-stocking collection points for the backpacks, as many (including the kennels and Whiskers’n’Paws) ran dry yesterday.  For evening ticket redemptions, the Ark vet clinic in Sai Ying Pun has kindly agreed to stock the backpacks (pickup hours are from 8am to 10pm daily until Saturday 28th), and our accountant, Uyun, will be the Saikung collection point.

Collection times: 10 am to 5 pm – Tuesday to Saturday

House B, Robina II,
Tam Wat Village,
off Yan Yee Road,
Sai Kung

Tel: 27915036

We’ve had some great press coverage including a big article in Apple Daily and yesterday’s Sunday Post.  Our HKDR Ambassador, Rosemary, also posted this:

Rosemary will be one of the celebrities who will be kicking off the proceedings at the Peak, along with Lisa S, Bloomberg’s Bernie Lo, author Carmen Kwong and others.  I’ll be joining the others as we start the walk at 10am.  Look out for the HKDR volunteers who’ll be handing out bandanas for the dogs (sorry, they turned out a bit big but they’ll make great jackets for the teenies!)  Don’t forget to wear your backpacks, and your T-shirts if you have bought one.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, these T’s and other great HKDR tops will be available on the day at our HKDR booth.  We’ve had some special J Crew hoodies and other styles made especially for the day.  I spotted volunteer, Kat, wearing a sample yesterday and, along with everyone else, immediately wanted one.  Even I have to wait until Sunday …….!!


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