Sat 21st November: More info on tickets

With just one week left until Peak to Fong it’s a mad scramble to get tickets and backpacks to those who still want to buy, as we now have none left in stock.   We know now that we will have sold out completely before next Sunday so please don’t wait until the last minute.  Keep checking the website for news on where the tickets can still be found, and for those already holding tickets – they’ll be like gold dust soon.  I know Whiskers’n’Paws have a few left so I’m expecting it to be a busy day tomorrow.

I need to correct yesterday’s information about the Ark vet clinic, as this is for backpack pickup ONLY (those who already have tickets) and not for ticket sales.  So please don’t go expecting to be able to buy anything.

Press coverage has been extensive (see link below for Apple Daily) and tomorrow’s Sunday Post, and I’m so excited now.

Gorgeous puppy Walt was adopted today (brother Disney went last week), as well as pug boy Dicky.  Dicky was brought to us by a volunteer after he was left behind in the corridor when his owners moved out of their apartment.  There are so many cases like this, and while all of us say “how could anyone do that?”, there are obviously many who think it’s a perfectly acceptable way to deal with a 4-legged problem. 

We also took in a Jack Russell today.  He had been kept locked in a bathroom except for a 10-minute daily “walk”.  His owner says he has developed behaviour problems since being kept that way.  I wonder why?  Even when not locked in a tiny room a Jack Russell can be a handful, but that sort of existence would be sheer hell for this active terrier.  We wait to see just what sort of problem the poor boy has, and how he’ll do once released from his prison.

As I’ll be at Peak to Fong next Sunday, friend and fellow animal-rescuer, Kirsten, will be holding the fort at Whiskers’n’Paws.  As well as the regular puppies, there will also be a collection of small dogs there too. 


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