Fri 20th November: Backpack pick up

I went to collect a dog from AFCD that I had reserved a few days ago (they all have to wait four days before being released for re-homing), and while there saw a 1-year old labrador that had just been surrendered.  The reason given was that they were moving house, but I have become cynical about stock excuses and think the problem was more likely to have been the dog’s extreme energy levels.  After taking him to the vet for the usual check-up and vaccination, the first thing I did was to take Cardiff (his new name and almost certainly not what he was called before) for a long walk.  He watered every tree in the park and marked every lamp post and finally started to calm down, but he’s a dog that will need hours of daily exercise to keep him on the straight and narrow.

The other dog is still a puppy at around 8 months, and just as enthusiatic.  I called him Bounce, a name I’ve used before and which proved to be lucky, and it’s a very appropriate name for this lovely boy.  He’s just at that age when sex is starting to interest him – a lot – and it was love at first sight for every leg available.  I suspect this was the reason for his eviction, as he’s a very sweet dog otherwise.  He’ll be desexed before he has time to think, and that should sort that problem out.  I really never understand why for this reason alone the owners of male dogs don’t have their dogs neutered.  Why would you want to have your leg, cushions and guests to be humped constantly?

Dana, adopted at last

There was some great news from Whiskers’n’Paws where lovely lorry pup, Dana, has been helping out at the store for the past month. OK, she’s not good at the till, but she knows all about the best rawhide chews and toys.  Anyway, her time as a shop assistant is now over because she has a real home in Discovery Bay, and all I need now is for her new family to adopt sister, Willow, and I’ll be very happy.

The race is on to get backpacks out to ticket holders in time for the event on the 29th – that’s just over a week away.  (Big question, will it be warm by then?) For Saikung/Clearwater Bay residents:

Backpacks can be collected between 10am to 5 pm on Saturday, or 2 to 5 pm on Sunday from:  (please call first to check they’ve arrived)
House B, Robina II,
Tam Wat Village,
off Yan Yee Road,
Sai Kung
Tel: 27915036

Central/Soho: on the stairs outside Stauntons on Elgin Street, Soho, on Saturday from 3pm to 6pm. Look for Mel with the dogs….

Also at The Cutty Sark, 20 Elgin Street, Soho all next week (Mon-Fri), 5pm-9pm.  Mel again.  She has the tough job at the bars!!

Backpacks and tickets will also be at The Ark Vet Clinic in Sai Ying Pun  Tel: 25492330 next week.

This coming weekend we’ll be at the Shun Tak Centre, 2/F near Starbucks (Saturday), and on Sunday at the Sandy Bay Mini Rugby festival, 9am – 5pm.

More venues are being stocked as I type, so please keep checking the website for those closest to you.


2 Responses to “Fri 20th November: Backpack pick up”

  1. Laura Says:

    The last puppy called Bounce was i think my Ralph, is that right?……..the best dog in the world. Who ever gets this dog is a very lucky person.

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