Thurs 19th November: Giant banner is up!

Now the countdown has really begun and we are just over a week away from the Big Day.  The giant banner announcing Peak to Fong is now up in Lan Kwai Fong itself, and there is a last minute surge in ticket sales bringing us closer and closer to our maximum of one thousand.  I can clearly remember the very first Peak to Post (as it was then), and we raised about $60,000, a massive amount for us in those early days.   This time we want the figure to be a nice round $500,000 to make up for a pretty dismal year, not just for HKDR but for everyone.  This is going to be one wild party!  Well, not too wild I hope, just a ton of fun.

A lot of people picked up their backpacks at the Conrad Fair yesterday (thanks), and the next venue for collection apart from the kennels and Whiskers’n’Paws will be our table at the Shun Tak Centre (Macau Ferry Terminal building) on Saturday.  For those of you in and around the Saikung area, we’ll be announcing a pick-up point in the next day or so, so please keep checking this blog or the HKDR Facebook page, or our website.  Everyone should have their backpacks in time for Peak to Fong itself.

I wasn’t at kennels today as I had an early evening appointment at a dinner (where I was a guest speaker), so thought it best that I didn’t go in stinky, poo-covered clothes, my normal daily attire.  I know that little QT was adopted, and also Murray, one of the 8-month old Chung Hom Kok Collies.  I’m very grateful to Barbara, who already has one of these beautiful dogs, and who took Murray in as a foster and taught him (very quickly) to be the perfect family pet.  Now he has a home of his own, and it must be Stanley’s turn next.

Karen one of the Lamma group already moved to kennels and waiting for a home

The front kennel space (as you come into the kennels) has been designated the “Sweet Girls” spot now.  These are our lovely, sweet and gentle females who should be first in line for adoption.  There’s Tippy, Nina, Devon, Madeline and Lorelei, all a little bit shy but only enough to make them very appealing, and hopefully also very homeable.  When there’s space I think I’ll have to bring over my lovely Chippy from Lamma.  She’s so special she’s wasted with me.  Surely someone else will fall for her sweetness,  just as I have.

Amanda looks like a mini German Shepherd

Actually there are quite a few dogs on Lamma that are in the queue for a kennel spot, including Caroline’s sisters (Judith and Maddie), Amanda and Samuel.  They all came as puppies at a time when there were so many at AFCD, and bit by bit they have been moving over to the kennels.  Many of them have since found homes, but we still need to move a few more before the others can take their places.

Samuel is an incredibly sweet boy but he looks just like others at kennels


One Response to “Thurs 19th November: Giant banner is up!”

  1. Gene Lin Says:

    Really exciting for the big day! My teacher will be there as well. Though I haven’t get many sponsors yet, need to get going.

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