Wed 18th November: Tribute Book 3 photos

I finally got the photos I’ve been waiting for and they’re stunning! It was a perfect day for a photo shoot but even so Claudia has captured both the dogs and their surroundings so perfectly.  Here are just a few:

My Inky and Mina

Can you see Willow?

Crunchie (now adopted) having a swim

I spent some time in the afternoon with Jane McNae who is back in Hong Kong (she lived here for many years) to help set up the Degree Course for Veterinary Nursing. This is a 4-year, full time course which will start next year, the aim of which is not only to produce fully qualified vet nurses, but also trained people who can go into other animal-related fields such as education and welfare. Of course HKDR will provide as much help and support as we can when needed.

After chatting for a while, Jane came with me to AFCD to help take out any dogs or puppies that were ready to go. We left with a very sweet chihuahua/King Charles spaniel cross that I named Chickie (has a bit of both breeds in there), and a gorgeous black and white fluffy pup, Boo. I’m almost certain he’s from the same litter as Batman and Joker, two pups I took out earlier. Joker is also black and white, and they have the same eyes and are the same age. There are two more pups left from that group, and they’re black and tan, just like Batman.

I tried to take another very beautiful and unusual-looking puppy, but he was kicking and screaming so much that I decided to leave him to settle for a day or so. The dogs and puppies are often so terrified after their ordeal of being caught by the dog catchers that they don’t know what else to do but fight (for their lives).

Chickie is lucky because I arranged a foster home for her, but we still really need fosters for the other small dogs during this very cold spell. I mentioned a whole load of poms that needed homing a while back, and I was quite relieved that it went very quiet after the first emails. Now they’re back, and this time it’s business as the seventeen poms really do need to find new homes. Seventeen poms. That’s a lot of orange fluff.

My Sandy by Claudia


13 Responses to “Wed 18th November: Tribute Book 3 photos”

  1. Foster Wong Says:

    very nice pictures!

  2. Linda Says:

    The pics are fantastic. Love it.

    • Sally Says:

      These are just a few of the photos Claudia sent to me. The others will be shown when we set up a dedicated website page for the Tribute Book 3. We are already taking bookings though, and have several people signed up.

  3. Gene Lin Says:

    These pictures are awesome! It’s like the ones on the National Geographic Magazine! Claudia is really an artist!
    Errr… By the way, I twisted my ankle (muscles, not bone) just wondering if I have any chances to get recover by Peak to Fong in about 9 days. I mean even Norma can recover in 7 days right?
    Anyway, great photos- Sandy is cute.

  4. Tess Says:

    beautiful pics indeed, l love it…

  5. Daniel Says:

    Beautiful pictures, and having adopted Crunchie, now renamed Yogi (as in Yogi bear) its great to see.. he is slowly settling into routine, but is getting along very well with Dundi (used to be Likki)… we look forward to Peak and Fong to reunite Yogi and Dundi to their old friends..

  6. Yolie Says:

    Great pics. They all look so happy.

  7. Alexandra Says:

    The photos are absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Alice Says:

    The pictures are so great, I’ll try to get that booked for Scrappy and Rusty. By the way I was just looking at the available dogs, for some reason and Boo is soooooo cute what breed would you think he is?

  9. Levana Says:

    Does Claudia have a photography website? Beautiful photos!

  10. Vivian Chan Says:

    love those pictures especially inky and mina’s!

  11. Sarah Says:

    Love the photos! How can we contact the photographer? Does Claudia have a website?

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Sarah,
      If you want to book for inclusion in the Tribute Book you can just let me know. We’re already taking bookings and need to arrange people into location groups so Claudia can do a few on the same day. We’ll be putting together a full webpage with all information, including Claudia’s website, once Peak to Fong is over.

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