Tues 17th November: Sweet Nancy


On the 21st October fluffy pup Nancy was taken on a week’s trial to see if the resident dog, a small terrier, would be happy to have competition and would accept Nancy as a friend. It was supposed to be for one week only, but after the time was up and I checked to see if it was working out, I was asked if they could have a few more days just to be sure. I agreed, and later followed up but got no response. Almost four weeks after taking Nancy, I finally got an email to say they wouldn’t be keeping her and she was returned to kennels today. A month is a long time in a puppy’s life, and Nancy is no longer small and fluffy, but a very beautiful 5-month old, with a sleek coat and a soft and loving nature. She is a stranger at kennels and a stranger on Lamma, even though she lived here before being taken. She doesn’t know what to do with herself, and is very scared. As scared as I am angry and upset. A week’s trial is do-able, four weeks is not. By that time a puppy has settled into a home and the routine, and to use an animal like this is not acceptable. So from now on there will be no more puppy trial adoptions as it’s just not fair.

If anyone wants a genuinely sweet natured and very pretty 5-month black puppy girl, please think about Nancy.

I was at the warehouse today along with other volunteers, stuffing the newly arrived backpacks so they would be ready for distribution around Hong Kong in time for Peak to Fong. All of those currently holding tickets for the event (and there are lots of you out there!),  will need to exchange the tickets for one of the backpacks to wear on the day. They are available at the kennels and Whiskers’n’Paws now, and there will be other venues announced later as we get the backpacks out to the various locations. If you are planning to visit the popular Conrad Xmas Fair this Thursday, you can pick up your backpack there (as well as all our other HKDR goodies), or at the Shun Tak Centre, 2/F, on Saturday, where we have our usual table.

Ticket and Zeb are two of Lorna's pups and are almost indentical

I got home in the evening to find the usual culprits had been at it again in my bedroom, but this time they had excelled themselves. Maybe the cold weather gave them extra energy, but the devastation was evident. Newspapers had been shredded and were everywhere like confetti, books had been pulled off the bookcase and destroyed. Ironically, the favourite title was Victoria Stilwell’s “It’s Me or the Dog”, and I know just what that means. A tube of handcream had had the end chewed off so the cream could ooze out, a plastic bottle of supplements had been opened and the capsules scattered over the bed, pens had been chewed, and the icing on the cake was a big pee on my pillows. “Marley and Me”? That’s nothing compared to “Murphy, Minky, Sparkle, Zeb, Ticket and Me”.





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