Sun 15th November: Raffle tickets going fast


I know that blog readership is at its highest on Mondays and lowest over the weekends, so I’ll do a quick recap of of dogs homed over the past couple of days (because I’m so thrilled about it): Sophie,


Crunchie - adopted

Adelaide, Tom, Himalaya, Boogie, Peter, Miles, Disney, Amy, Big Bear, Crunchie, Nicky, in-and-out Elektra, and in-an-out pom. And I’m sure I’ve missed at least one from the list. It’s seeing the dogs go to new homes that keeps the volunteers going and gives everyone such a buzz, especially the dogs who have been waiting a long time, or are a bit “special” like Boogie, who isn’t the easiest of dogs. This has been a brilliant weekend for adoptions, even if there are always more coming in.



Amy - adopted

The rain and cold weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the Whiskers’n’Paws visitors, obviously a hardy crowd. We had a full contingent of Lorry Pups with several adoptees returning for a play, and many other HKDR ex-puppies turning up. Likki-as-was now has a brother, Crunchie, to play with. I well remember taking Crunchie and his brother, Cinder, from AFCD kennels when they were tiny babies, and how afraid they were at first. I’ve watched them grow and change, and seeing Crunchie adopted (at five months of age) is like saying goodbye to a child going off to school for the first time. I feel sorry for him because I know it’s a big change, but I’m also very happy that he one of the lucky ones that has been chosen and now has a home (and with a friend, even better). I’m sure I’ll see him again, and next time he’ll be bouncing around as if he’d always been that way.



Apart from talking about the puppies to potential adopters, we were also busy selling raffle tickets for Peak to Fong, and they were being snapped up. At this rate we’ll be sold out very soon, so please buy early. Tickets can be sent by mail too, so all we need is your order. They’re only $20 each and you can check out the website for the amazing prizes.


Lovely Jubbly

We’re also getting a lot of interest in next year’s Tribute Book even though I haven’t posted any of the sample shots or details yet. Just looking at Claudia Tse’s puppy photos has been enough to bring in enquiries, and even bookings. To re-cap, the photos in this third edition of the Tribute Book will be outdoor shots in natural settings, such as the beach or countryside, and we’ll be trying to get as many shoots done during the dry (hah!) winter months as possible. Watch this space for examples of what to expect as Claudia has promised to have selected the best from the hundreds of photos taken on Lamma last week.


Little Satchel is still waiting for a home


Peak to Fong is now only 2 weeks away (I’ve only just realised that myself!) There are more prizes being added to the pile almost every day, and I can guarantee a really great day for everyone. OK, I can’t guarantee the weather if this is what November is throwing at us right now, but we’ve been lucky every year so far. I’m going to be joining the walk this year instead of helping out in Lan Kwai Fong as I have in the past, so now I have to think about which dog to bring with me. Inky would hate it, as would Sandy, but I must have a fun-loving, outgoing 4-legged volunteer somewhere.


Chippy needs home - please!

I’d really like to bring my lovely Chippy, as she so desperately needs a home. She’s so sweet and vulnerable, with her big doe eyes which melt my heart every time. She’s bullied by the other dogs and as much as I love her, I want her to have a home of her own. She’d be scared on the walk, but maybe I can carry her (she likes that).


In any case, and which ever dog I choose (if any) I want to see you there!

Finally, congratulations to homing volunteer, Angela Wong, who told everyone she was going on holiday but was actually going off to get married!  Angela's wedding



3 Responses to “Sun 15th November: Raffle tickets going fast”

  1. Speedy Says:

    Glad to see God Mom & Dad’s wedding picture!

  2. Abby and Lou Says:

    Can’t wait to get Tribute Book 3!

    I love Claudia’s pictures and I’m reserving one now! And I want to sponsor Oreo (if he’s still at the kennels! or if the new owners don’t mind)

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