Saturday 14th Nov: More Ins and Outs

HKDR fenceWhile I was out and about in the freezing cold of the New Territories on our seemingly never-ending quest for a new kennels site, there were dogs coming and going from kennels. As hoped, Peter left for his new home, as well as Miles, and one of the new Chung Hom Kok Collies was also adopted. All good news, but there were also a couple of unexpected “ins”, one in the shape of ex-pup, Elektra. I say ex-pup, because while all dogs are obviously pups at one time, Elektra was taken a year ago with her sister, Aurora, and we assumed it was permanent. Not so, as she was brought back as an adult, and must have been totally shocked and bewildered at her sudden eviction. I wish I could explain to these dogs that they have done nothing wrong, but my words would be useless.

We also had a 1-year old pom surrendered, again not for any reason other than his now-ex owners lived in a place where dogs weren’t allowed. Why people still go and buy puppies when they know full well that they can’t have a pet is beyond me. So many of our dogs come from these homes.

I also got an email from a family who adopted a lovely puppy last year to join their other dog. Now they are leaving Hong Kong and want to “return” not only the ex-puppy, now a fully grown and very large adult, but also the other dog that didn’t come from HKDR. This family are going back to Germany, where dogs are everywhere and it’s so easy to take them back. It’s so upsetting and so frustrating when as hard as we try, there are still adopters who feel that they are simply borrowing the dogs, and when it’s no longer convenient they can simply bring them back. We thought we had created a bit of space with yesterday’s and today’s adoptions, and now those places are already being taken up by returnees.

I’m frequently asked if the situation regarding dogs and abandonment is getting better over the years, and I have to say no, it’s actually getting worse. The more pet shops that open up, the more puppies are sold, and the more dogs are subsequently given up or abandoned. Breeders regularly dump old stock . We are seeing far more young, “purebreed” (actually very rarely that pure) dogs coming into our kennels than when I first started HKDR in 2002. In those days we only saw shih tzus and Pekingese, traditional small breeds, but now it’s everything from chihuahuas to poodles at one end of the scale, and St Bernards by the dozen at the other.

Moaning over, we finally got both raffles tickets and Peak to Fong backpacks delivered! Tickets are available at the kennels and at various places around Hong Kong, so check the website (click here for details) and buy buy buy!! We’ll also be busy stuffing those backpacks with all the goodies over the next couple of days and once they’re ready all ticket holders will need to exchange the tickets for the backpacks. The day is getting closer and everything’s revving up for the event itself. Exciting………..


One Response to “Saturday 14th Nov: More Ins and Outs”

  1. Gene Says:

    I just regestered to help on that day and really looking forward to it. Wish it can be ever more successful this time, Nov 29th… Nov 29th…

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