Friday 13th Nov: Lucky for some

I was born on Friday 13th so it’s supposed to be a lucky day for me (not that I’m suspicious).  It was certainly a lucky day for quite a few dogs, as Sophie and Adelaide finally went off together to their new home, and the adoptions of both Tom and Himalaya were confirmed.  Even our Boogie boy – yes, Boogie – was adopted!  At least, the paperwork was done making it official, and he’ll be taken home soon.  Tomorrow it will be Miles’ turn as he passed today’s adoption interview with flying colours.  That’s six dogs, not bad for a Friday.  And, following Crinkle’s adoption from the first kennel, now Peter looks as though he’ll also be adopted so fingers tightly crossed for him.

I had several things to do in the afternoon, one of which was to take the three Lamma puppies who had been desexed in the morning over to AFCD to be microchipped and licensed. I hadn’t realised that an arranged interview with Apple Daily would take hours instead of the anticipated 30 minutes. I’m not complaining because I realise the importance of publicity for HKDR, but it meant I didn’t get anything done at all.

It was also almost impossible for anyone to work in the office during the interview itself as we had two cameramen plus the reporter jammed in, all of them trying to avoid the small dogs, especially chihuahua, Monty, who was giving them the evil eye. Actually I’m very happy with the way Monty has come round from being a terrified biter to an affectionate and happy little dog who loves to sit on your lap and be cuddled, but he’s still very nervous of strangers. He’d make a great guard dog. Tactic: first trip the burglar up and then bite him.

Well talking of tripping up, our top volunteer and mentor of Otis, Norma, is currently in hospital with a broken leg after having tripped over a dog – Tokyo Joe, I think. This is obviously bad news for Norma herself, but also bad news for Otis who was getting ready to do the Peak to Fong walk, and really bad news for all of us at the kennels, dogs and people. Norma is a stalwart of HKDR, and I know everyone wishes her a speedy recovery.

I got the puppy photos from Claudia today and she’s done it again. Classic shots of the young ones, and I know how difficult it was to get any of them to sit still for even one nano second.


Can you believe Crumble is Big Bear's sister?


4 Responses to “Friday 13th Nov: Lucky for some”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hope Norma will recover soon. Take care Norma.

  2. Gene Says:

    Ouch! Wish Norma gets better soon, I hope it won’t be permanent about her leg, perhaps Friday the 13th is an unlucky day for some after all. >_<
    Good luck to Sophie, Adelaide, Tom, Himalaya , Boogie (funny name :))and Miles to their new life… and Peter in the future of course :).

  3. Alexandra Says:

    Hope Norma recovers soon. Poor Otis – can someone else take him to Peak to Fong?

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