Thursday 12th November: Time for a rant


I need to let off some steam today. Two potential adopters chose to buy puppies instead of adopting, and I feel like banging my head against a wall. After all that’s said and written and talked about puppy farms and the number of unwanted dogs that are destroyed every year, these selfish people chose to support a terrible trade rather than to save a life. Excuses? “We were desperate” (for a schnauzer) and “Our dog seems to really like poodles”. There are two schnauzer puppies in the batch that are due to come to us from a breeder, and a poodle. No, no excuses, this is just pure and utter selfishness. “I want NOW”.


Murray, doing fantastically in a foster home and now looking for a permanent one

Here’s another case that is upsetting and unnecessary and easily preventable. The man who has the original Chung Hom Kok Collies (now an HKDR-declared breed), refuses to get the females desexed and allows the dogs and offspring to roam freely, resulting in complaints from other residents in the area, and the inevitable capture by AFCD. Recently I took two 8-month old Chung Hom Kok Collies from AFCD, Murray and Stanley, and today there were two young puppies (Walt and Disney) plus one breeding mother. They had been surrendered by the owner who says he has too many, and while it was great that at least one female won’t be having any more puppies (when we get her desexed), what about all the others?



The dogs are stunningly beautiful and have wonderful temperaments, but we don’t need more unwanted dogs being born, litter after litter after litter. If the last two we took are eight months old, and these latest pups are around four months, there is definitely more than one female busy reproducing.

I also took out two baby pups, Batman and Joker, and I didn’t want or need them either, but why should they die? They have done nothing wrong.

My youngest batch of Lamma puppies went for their third vaccinations today. They’ll all be at Whiskers’n’Paws on Sunday and hopefully won’t be coming back.  I’ll have Claudia’s photos by tomorrow so will be able to add to the website and blog.

To end this post on a happy note, here are some clips of dogs greeting their soldier “dads” coming back from Iraq (sorry about the last one) :


6 Responses to “Thursday 12th November: Time for a rant”

  1. Gene Lin Says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people judge the dogs by their breeds, it’s just so not fair to them and why is that so important anyway? They are all the same beneath the coats and all of them are just as lovely as the ones at kennel. People just need to get to understand them better.
    By the way, it’s so inhumane to breed the puppies just to sell them like some kind of toy placing behind the glass of stores like Toy’s Rus. I felt so sad whenever I walk pass those shops and saw the puppies and kittens while imagine what horrific things are happening behind those walls right now.
    The Iraq soldier videos are very touching indeed (the last one is really great as well), great to see some happy things again.
    Best wishes to Murray, Batman, Joker and other rescued puppies as well.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Hi Sally,

    Regarding “The man who has the original Chung Hom Kok Collies “, I bet if he can be sued for kind of “cruelty to animals” or “inappropiate acts towards animals”? He surrender the dogs after they captured by AFCD and I assume he didn’t microchipped the dogs?? (many people don’t microchip the dogs actually!!) There should be an oppportunity to act against this man, or at least he should get warning from the authority!

    Best wishes to you and all the doggies!


    • Sally Says:

      Unfortunately the only thing that this man can be prosecuted for is having dogs that aren’t microchipped but AFCD have already visited and microchipped all the adults. The female that was just surrendered to AFCD had a chip. We need to persuade the man to have all the dogs desexed and then there will no no more puppies born and no more nuisance reports.

      • Cheryl Says:

        Thanks Sally! So why this man doesn’t desex the dogs?
        Kinda excuse like “I want the dogs to remind ‘intact’ “? or
        “Breeding is one of their natural thing” ….?!
        Hope he’ll soon be convinced and have all the dogs desexed!

  3. Marie Says:

    Awww! I absolutely LOVED the clips. I’m no soldier, but I can’t wait to see my beautiful dogs again!!! x

  4. Isobel Barry Says:

    Saw Murray & Stanley out walking in CHK today. They are the most handsome dogs, big but beautiful. Sadly the sound of more puppies whinging can be heard in the hillside in CHK, yet more of the beach puppies….

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