Weds 11th November: Tribute Book 3


Everything at the moment seems to revolve around fairs, parties and events, with the many and various Christmas fairs happening round town, Peak to Fong and our own volunteers party (very important!) Keeping track of what is on this day or week, where the stock is and who can get it to the venue is quite a job, and we always need more volunteers to help. Even if you haven’t got dogs and don’t want to go to the kennels, please let us know if you are able or willing to lend a hand with the fairs and events. We need you!

I was working on something completely different today, the HKDR Tribute Book Vol 3. We skipped a year by not producing a book at all in 2009, but plans are already underway for next year’s edition and it’s going to be very different from the previous two volumes. For a start, we felt a completely new look was needed so that dogs that had featured in previous books could be photographed in a new way and setting, showing even more of their personality and distinctive charm. So the Tribute Book 3 photos will be outdoor, action shots taken in various locations by professional photographer Claudia Tse.

You may have noticed that some puppy photos I’ve used on this blog, or are featured on the website, have stood out from others. In fact I have received many emails commenting on them as they are quite distinctive. I don’t know how Claudia does it other than she has been taking photos since she was a child and has been professional for years now, but in moments she captured the charm and essence of the puppies in a way I haven’t seen before.

Claudia came over to Lamma today to take some shots of various dogs in different settings, and my own dogs, Inky and Sandy, were just two of the stars. Inky was her usual, indifferent and haughty self, Sandy trembled, the puppies scampered over the rocks delighting in unusual freedom, Derek swam and swam, and older pups Willow and Shep were the willing volunteers for the quarry shots. I can’t wait to see the results.

For the book, as in previous years we will be offering inclusion to HKDR-adopted dogs and details will be available shortly. As soon as I have the photos that have been selected from today’s shoot they will be posted on a dedicated page on the website and we can start arranging bookings, or you can let me know now if you are interested in finding out more. Location shoots will be arranged in small groups in different places, both Hong Kong and New Territories. Claudia would like to start working on the shoots during the lovely, dry weather (today was just perfect), so do email me if you want to be part of what is going to be a really beautiful project.

Before leaving, Claudia took more photos of the younger puppies for the website, and one by one they were lined up against a wall outside, then click, click – and another great shot. It’s not easy taking puppy photos, especially when they either want to play or they are wetting themselves with fear. There’s a split second when the ears go up and the face is actually turned towards the camera rather than looking for an escape route, and Claudia gets its every time. I’m impressed, very.

A quick reminder that raffle tickets are now on sale (yay!) and backpacks will be available soon (there has been the usual China factory delay so we’ve been doing a bit of nail biting over the past week or so). Watch this space or check the Peak to Fong details on the website. They are being updated almost daily.


6 Responses to “Weds 11th November: Tribute Book 3”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Yes Claudia is fantastic, especially as she manages to somehow capture the dog’s real personality, not an easy task for someone who has just met a dog. Sounds great!

  2. Foster Wong Says:

    i’ve already become a fan of Claudia! can’t wait to see the Vol 3 Tribute Book!

  3. india Says:

    I adore Claudia’s photos. They are interesting and fresh. I love the fact that you are shooting Tribute Book outdoors — it’s where dogs should be. (And, of course, avoiding studio costs is an important saving.)

  4. Angie Says:

    3 Cheers for Claudia …hip hip horayyyyyyyyyy !!! Claudia really gets it and in shows in her work.. we must get into the animals world and not bring them into ours which is so unnatural = Lights / camera / action / smile please…. not in a dogs vocab.
    Best Wishes

  5. Mandy Chu Says:

    Yes, her pics are so unique and hope the new book can help to raise lots of money ^^

  6. Claudia Says:

    Thanks Sally for the kind words. I do hope people would love the idea of having the photo shoot done outdoor this year. As it’s no easy task for the humans (tho the dogs would absolutely love it!)

    And thanks everyone for your support. And I agree with India, dogs belong to the outdoor. Actually we all do:)


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