Sunday 8th November: Otis on Twitter



Crunchie is growing up and still waiting for a home

What a weekend! The Soho Carnival was a great success, but we also had our regular spot at Shun Tak Centre on Saturday as well as DB’s Picnic in the Park and, of course, the puppy adoption afternoon at Whiskers’n’Paws. Three puppies were adopted (two of them together), and terrier Benji went off to start his new life. What a great little dog he is, and I would have kept him myself in a flash if my house wasn’t already full, and my bedspace already taken by Sandy and Murphy.



Another lovely dog, Tom, is doing well in his potential home with Redding, and I got this YouTube clip from Jill, volunteer and Redding’s adopter. It’s fantastic to see Tom running and playing, as he’s been such a quiet boy at kennels. Now we can see what he was keeping secret from us all. The ending is funny too ….. oops!

I made a new discovery on my Sunday walks. As mentioned previously, I don’t follow my normal route at the weekends to avoid any possible encounters with cyclists on the path, and instead we stick to the woods and the coastline rocks. It was here that I first found the freshwater dog spa pool, and it’s been a regular destination ever since. However, with the dry season the water level has dropped to the point where there’s really more mud than water, so I needed to find another place for the dogs to cool down. It was with this in mind that I decided to explore further along the rocks, and it was then that I came across the Infinity Pool, formed by a dip in a flat stretch of rock right on the edge of the sea. There is a natural lip to the pool forming a low wall, protecting the water inside from the waves that would otherwise make it too dangerous for the dogs to swim. What joy! At first only the braver dogs went in, but soon the others followed and even Sandy and Murphy had a go. Of course it’s seawater so the dogs can’t have a drink there, but now that it’s cooler I just take a bottle of water for them and that’s enough. I did get a short video of the pool but still need to figure out how to post it.

With the run-up to Peak to Fong gathering pace, we’ve added a little extra something for all of the Twitterers out there. This is Otis’s training record, from kennel blob to star of the show (we hope!) Can Norma do it? Will she get Otis into shape both mentally and physically in time for the big day? The story so far: Otis wasn’t a fatty when he first arrived at HKDR, but as time went by he stopped going for walks and stayed in his kennel, eating and eating. His waist disappeared and was replaced with a barrel shape, and all attempts to get a collar on him and to persuade him to go for a walk failed miserably. He got as far as agreeing to go out of the kennel gates by himself, have a quick pee, and then dash back inside, but it wasn’t until Norma took him on as her Project Dog that we started to see changes. He started walking round the block on a leash and even made it to the Bel Air park for the recent Halloween party. Norma’s goal now is to get Otis fit enough to complete the walk from the Peak to Lan Kwai Fong, and to be able to get him in a van to make the start line. Follow Otis’s progress on






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  1. Norma L Says:

    Good luck Norma M and Otis!

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