Saturday 7th November: Fun at Soho


Soho was buzzing today, and we had a great result at our stall in Staunton Street. I dropped by in the afternoon to see how things were going, and found stalwarts Mel and Laura doing a sterling job as always. Thanks to the Cutty Sark pub (always a big supporter), we can store all the stock overnight to be ready for Sunday’s shift.




Goodbye, Larry, and please be a good boy

It was also a big day for me as I waved goodbye to Larry, the bulldog/boxer cross, and Frisbee the French bulldog. Although lovely dogs individually, they both have strong characters (as bulldogs do), and combined with cocker spaniel Derek, it was often a bit too much. Now Larry has to fit in with two other bulldogs, and Frisbee will need to make friends with his new Frenchie friends, and then their files can be closed. Pleeeease, boys, be good!



Himalaya always has a smile for everyone

At kennels, Lewis the pug was adopted (hooray!), and Leona, who arrived with Lewis, was confirmed as a ‘keeper’ too. Another long overdue adoption (because he’s gorgeous) was Himalaya’s, and he finally left today. I had called him a husky cross and was subsequently told he was probably an Akita, but I prefer to think of him just as a lovely, sweet and cuddly dog. He was surrendered to AFCD along with a dachshund puppy and two Westie pups, all from the same home, so I guess he really is some sort of breed, but I’d much rather dogs were chosen for themselves rather than their titles.



Tom is such a gentle and easy boy

Tom is in Discovery Bay staying with ex-HKDR dog, Redding, to see if he can fit in. Redding had a very tough life before being adopted (he was the subject of an Apple Daily story after having been rescued from the water in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter), and it took a while for him to settle into a home, but thanks to volunteer, Jill, and her husband, he’s now ready for a friend. There can’t be an easier dog than Tom, so hopefully he won’t be coming back to kennels. It’s going well so far.



It’s just three weeks until the Big Day (Peak to Fong). By next week we’ll have the backpacks stuffed (with goodies) and ready to go, so please keep an eye open for the announcements if you have already bought your ticket. You can exchange the ticket for a backpack at several locations, hopefully somewhere convenient for you. If you buy your ticket after the backpacks are ready, you can just pick one up direct. You will need to wear your backpack on the day as proof of having bought a ticket, so please make sure you have one in advance. Apart from anything else, it will be a convenient way for you to carry everything while leaving your hands free to hold your dog’s leash, eat and drink, and anything else. All dogs will be given an identifying “Peak to Fong” bandana too, so they won’t feel left out.


One Response to “Saturday 7th November: Fun at Soho”

  1. Gene Says:

    I was wondering where is Himalaya today. I wasn’t very suprised he has been adopted somehow since he is such a really wonderful dog. (I really like it when he face me because it’s always smiling like this- :D)
    Also best wishes to Larry, Frisbee, Tom (such calm and easy going boy) and Redding

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