Friday 6th November: Phoebe does a runner


I spoke too soon about Phoebe. She did a runner yesterday, and managed to escape from the kennels and disappear off into the undergrowth, and hasn’t been seen since. You might wonder how a dog gets out from a fenced area, but I’ve seen dogs climbing high fences many times, if not squeezing through impossibly small holes and gaps. If they want to get out, they will find a way. I reported the escape to AFCD and also asked which area she was picked up from, hoping it was somewhere nearby and that she would just head straight back. Unfortunately she was found at the Tai Tam Reservoir, meaning that she was probably dumped there. At least she’s no longer pregnant and has already been desexed and vaccinated. I hope she’s found as she’s a really lovely dog.

The other shy girl, Nina, is already wagging her tail and seems very happy to be where she is. I don’t think she’ll be running anywhere.

We’re building up to a big weekend ahead, with three separate things going on on Saturday, and two on Sunday. Tomorrow we have a stall at the Soho Wine & Dine Carnival, another at Discovery Bay’s Picnic in the Park, and our regular spot at the Shun Tak Centre. Getting stock sorted, itemised and delivered to all three venues takes some doing, especially when it turned out that access to the Soho site had been blocked off due to road closure. The boxes had to be carried all the way down from Caine Road in the end! I’ll be trying to visit all three sites myself on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to it (there goes another day off!)

The Soho Carnival continues on Sunday, but I’ll be at Whiskers’n’Paws as usual in the afternoon. I’ve been a bit concerned about the youngest puppies as they’ve had a touch of kennel cough, but they seem to be recovering quickly.

One of the youngsters, Ernie, was due for his third vaccination today (how time flies!), so he came to the kennels with me. He has a huge appetite for such a little critter, and an equally large stomach, so I was fully expecting that he would bring up his lunch on the way over. He was drooling and licking his lips on the sampan, but managed to hold on anyway. I think he was determined not to lose any of his food. The last leg of the journey is a short taxi ride and I was ready and waiting with the plastic bag, having been caught off-guard too many times in the past. What I wasn’t expecting was that the bag would be needed at the other end instead of the mouth, and it was a very close call …… It’s hard to hold a bag under a puppy’s bum when you’re laughing so much! Poor Ernie, it was all just too much for him.

I got news of more breeder dogs being abandoned including a poodle, four schnauzers, a shih tzu and two chihuahuas. Let’s see what actually turns up.


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