Wednesday 4th Nov: HKDR in DB and Soho

We’re still trying to sort things out and settle into the new office space (ex-volunteer room), and while the small dogs seem to be quite happy after the move there’s clearly some underlying tension. Best friends Cosmo and Luca had a couple of serious scraps today, instigated and dominated by Cosmo. As much as dogs seem to be fine on the outside they get really stressed by change, and we see this a lot when adopters contact us about their previously calm and easy dogs who have suddenly started behaving badly. Very often there’s been something that has changed, whether it’s an actual move, or packing to go away, or anything else that may seem like nothing but is upsetting the normal routine.


Monty's just about ready for homing now

At least the chihuahua, Monty, is really settling down now and loves to go for walks, or jump onto someone’s lap for a cuddle. New boy, Porky, is a gem, a really sweet and easy boy. Everyone smiles when they see him because he’s so funny/cute looking.

Attention all Discovery Bay residents: HKDR is coming to town! To make it easier for those living in DB to buy their Peak to Fong tickets, we’ll be coming over on Friday, 6th November from 4pm – 8pm, and we’ll be stationed at the Fagara Bar (upstairs from the Fagara Chinese restaurant). Our in-house dog trainer (and many other things), Mark Curran, will also be on hand to give advice and training tips to anyone who wants to talk to him, so please feel free to drop by. If there is enough interest, Mark has also agreed to start regular training classes on DB, so speak up if you think this is something that is needed over there.

We’ll also be at the DB “Picnic in the Park” event on Saturday, so you’ll be able to pick up tickets and everything else HKDR from our stall.  Please drop by and support us!

We have a very busy weekend ahead apart from the Discovery Bay event, with the Soho Wine and Dine Carnival taking place on Saturday and Sunday, and our regular station at the Shun Tak Centre on Saturday. The Soho event is going to be a big one, so please come and visit our stand which will be in front of La Pampa restaurant. We’ll be there from 12 noon until 9pm on both days (thanks to our amazing volunteers!). You’ll be able to buy everything HKDR, from our fab stretchy tops and 2010 calendars/diaries, to – of course – Peak to Fong tickets and T-shirts.

Back to the dogs, which is what it’s all about of course, lovely-but-shy Phoebe is already starting to come around and is happily accepting chicken when it’s offered. Good girl!


Scooby, all saddled up and ready to go

The beautiful, bouncy boy, Scooby, looks like he already has a home at the Shatin racetrack. Not with the horses exactly, but with one of the jockeys. I didn’t think it would take long for him to be adopted.

On Lamma I’m struggling with trying to find a solution to the daily destruction that’s taking place. This evening it was the sofa cushions, which I thought were fairly safe, but no, they were today’s target. Foam and stuffing are such fun.


2 Responses to “Wednesday 4th Nov: HKDR in DB and Soho”

  1. Siu Pang Says:

    Few days ago around 7:00, when all our dogs are ready to sleep, I brought Scooby to the feeding area as instructed. After that we brought him a bed and a large sized towel, seems that he loved it so much. After cuddled for a minute he put his arm into my hand (That means he wanted me to hold his hand !) and then fell asleep with his head on the back of my hand. I thought he was pretending but actually… he fell asleep already!! How ~~~ sweet he is !!!

    After I carefully take back my hand and opening the gate to leave, he woke up and stare at me with his innocent eyes (without any complaining bark or any further action)… oh dear… that was heardbreaking… How can anyone abandon this CHIRDREN !!

    I’m agree that he’ll not be with us for a long time…

  2. Gloria Says:

    That’s good news! First the Old English Sheepdog ( Iforgot her name) adopted, then Scooby. I’m sure it won’t take long for the new beagle. I think I should tell Matthew these good news!

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