Monday 2nd November: The big move

I was happy not to be at the kennels in the morning when the sailors arrived to help with the move between volunteer room and office. It wasn’t so much the inanimate furniture that was the problem, rather the dogs who live in the two rooms. They had to be temporarily parked in various kennel spaces, and then moved back into different “homes”. Dogs are creatures of habit who thrive on routine, and it was very hard trying to persuade the volunteer room dogs that their new space was just as good as their previous one, and Valerie and Miranda absolutely refused to make the move.

Volunteer room dogs waiting

Volunteer room dogs waiting anxiously to be released


The small dogs, on the other hand, were very happy and immediately set about marking (thanks guys), and choosing their new bed spaces. Of course Cosmo and Luca had to interrupt all business for a good wrestling game, the most important thing in their lives.

New girl, Tippy, has totally stolen my heart and when she politely asked if she could come into the new office, I couldn’t say no. She’s such a delicate little dog with fine bones and a gentle nature. I thought she might get away with being inside because she’s only medium sized, but Cosmo was having none of it and starting pecking at her legs. In the end I had to move her to the shop space where she happily settled on a soft cushion, but she couldn’t stay there for the night so had to be moved out. She’s obviously been a home dog (lived inside), and I really hope she’s adopted soon as she’s just lovely.


Flapper is lost in Central. I hope he's OK

There was some bad news about Flapper, one of our long-term dogs, who had gone for a sleepover with a volunteer. He’d slipped out of the door when it was open for a second, and was last seen around Lan Kwai Fong/Wellington Street areas. It’s very worrying when dogs are loose in high traffic areas like Central.

Before the sailors left the kennels they were each given a Peak to Fong T-shirt and Alice took this photo:

Navy volunteers

The US Navy volunteer group (and Mark on the left)



Finally, check out the dog video clips (just click on YouTube on the right had side of the page).  More are being added every day, so keep looking ……  and click here for the link to Pearl Report.


5 Responses to “Monday 2nd November: The big move”

  1. Diana Says:

    Did you or anyone take that 12-year old sick dog that was left behind at AFCD by its owner to be killed? I hope someone held that dog while it was being relieved of its suffering.

  2. Norma M Says:

    Flapper was found on the Peak and returned safely to the kennels this morning. He was so excited to see his room mates, especially Jennifer and she was over the moon. He was pretty tired but non the worse for his adventure. He says he has aready done the Fong to Peak!
    Miranda and Valarie have now moved into their new room and Miranda has chosen her spot and seems relaxed about it.
    Happy ending all round. A special thanks to Jo-anne for finding Flapper and bringing him back.

  3. Gene Says:

    It’s nice to know Flapper had come back. I was just about to print out the wanted poster to post in school tomorrow. I hope he didn’t get hurt from the adventure…
    It must be very difficult to move all the dogs in volunteer room. They are like a small army, I’m sure one of them really likes the washing machine, wish he ca nget use soon.

  4. Doris Chan Says:

    Like Diana, I want to know what happened to that poor 12 year old sick dog. Sometimes, some people should be called inhuman beings.

  5. Judy Andersen Says:

    Tried to watch The Pearl Report, but the link comes up with “Sorry, The Pearl Report can only be streamed in Hong Kong”! I’ve watched The Pearl Report before – so maybe you’ll have to post it the way you’ve done before.

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