Sunday 1st November: Officially winter


This is it, summer must really be over now as we hit November, although it was a perfect day for the terrace at Whiskers’n’Paws. We moved the small puppy ring outside too, so it ended up like a big party. I have to admit to having eaten a ton of chocolate as store manager, Andrew, was handing out the leftovers from Halloween, and those delicious cupcakes kept appearing too.

This Sunday was Rosie’s big day, and she is now living in Stanley as part of a family. She’s grown a lot since her big day out at the Bloomberg party, but she’s still as sweet as ever, and I hope she settles in quickly. There’s also a good chance that Oona’s fluffy boy, Big Bear, will be going this week. He’s a real sweetheart too.


Puppy Sylvia is still waiting for a home: lovely photo by Mandy

As well as the puppies we also had quite a few small dogs up for adoption, and it worked well. Chihuahua Chloe, one of a trio of abandoned chihuahuas, was adopted, our adorable QT (who spent the afternoon chasing a ball) went to see if he could be friends with the resident, older dog, and pug Leona was also chosen.

Pug Lewis and terrier Benji spent the whole time cuddling up to complete strangers, both of them more intent on finding someone to pet them than running around. They’re both absolutely adorable little dogs who surely must find homes soon. I can’t believe they’re both still with us. Anyway, both came back to Lamma at the end of the day as the big move (between office and volunteer room) will take place tomorrow and the more dogs that can be out of the way, the better.

Pup Satchel

This was puppy Satchel's first outing

I got home to find yet another pair of reading glasses had been eaten. I now buy only the very cheap ready-to-wear variety which you can buy off the peg at places like Watsons. They’re apparently very tasty (according to Minky and Sparkle).

Pearl Report had some nice footage of Derek (cocker spaniel) and Teddy, the labradoodle. They have a good life out on Lamma, but I’d still like them to find real homes. Admittedly Derek isn’t the easiest of dogs, although he’s fine when he has access to somewhere he can swim for hours on end, but Teddy shouldn’t still be here.

Derek swimming

Derek + water = happy


3 Responses to “Sunday 1st November: Officially winter”

  1. Jesslyn Says:

    Dear Sally,
    Do you need new photos of Kira and Teddy(multibreed) for the dog profile on the HKDR web? If so, how can I sent them to you?

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Jesslyn,

      We always like to get more photos of the kennels dogs so that we can keep the website looking fresh. If anyone has any dog photos (of the kennel dogs!), please email them to and we will try our best to get them on the website. Thanks so much.

  2. michelle Says:

    would like to see pearl report. videos cannot be streamed overseas, so would some kindly upload it to youtube? glad that wnp worked out well this week.

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