Saturday 31st October: Mysteries


To make up for my missed kennel time yesterday I had to be there by early afternoon today to hand over a poodle that had been mysteriously kidnapped from Shek O, and ended up at AFCD via SPCA. The little dog had been adopted from HKDR three years ago and we still had the adopter information on file, so I was able to make contact and arrange to give Bingo back. That’s when I heard the story, but I still can’t figure out what actually happened. Anyway, this story had a happy ending.

There was yet another mystery, this time regarding the fox terrier that had been left at a groomers a month ago. It turned out the dog had a microchip so I went to AFCD with the number to see if they could contact the registered owner. I had been told that the groomers had tried to call the person who had brought the terrier in but that the number had since been changed. However, when AFCD called there was an immediate reply and the ex-owner gave a totally different story and said she had given the dog to someone else. Which ever story was true, the dog was now homeless but, lucky boy, by the afternoon he had already found himself a new owner. So another happy ending.

Another lucky dog was Jasper, the Old English sheepdog, who had only arrived the other day. He was adopted within 48 hours of coming to us. It’s so easy when you’re a fox terrier or an Old English sheepdog.

I had to remember to pick up the paperwork for Lewis the pug who is currently staying on Lamma, as tomorrow’s adoption afternoon at Whiskers’n’Paws is going to include a selection of small dogs as well as the usual puppies. It will be interesting to see how this goes, because if it works we’ll make it a regular thing. It’s nice to be able to see the dogs running around, playing and interacting.

Like Murphy and his evening romps on my bed with Minky and their new playmate and accomplice, Zeb (or is it Ticket? They look the same). I heard the familiar yelps of excitement as I was downstairs so I crept up, camera in hand, and managed to catch them unawares. Now I just have to get the video onto YouTube and you can watch the fun too.

The Pearl Report tomorrow evening is the one that might include some clips of Lamma and the dogs. I say ‘might’, because the programme is short and you never know what will be edited out. Anyway, it’s going to be about zoos and animals so will be interesting anyway.


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