Friday 30th October: A fishy tale


I had an unintentional day off today. Having accepted a midday invitation to visit the US Navy aircraft carrier currently in port (and home to next Monday’s volunteer sailors), I was expecting to be off the ship by early afternoon and back at kennels as usual. I had no idea that it would take 30 minutes to even get to the carrier, and that the tour would last a further 90 minutes plus the ride back, which meant that by the time it was over it was already quite late.

So I missed the delivery of donated fish, and had what must have sounded like a very bizarre conversation with Kathy at kennels while standing in a taxi queue. I could see the ears of the woman in front of me twitching, as she was hearing only my side of the conversation: How many boxes of fish are there? How big are the boxes? How big are the fish? Can you cook some and mix with biscuits?

It turned out that there were a lot of boxes and a lot of fish, all donated by a company as they were past their sell-by date. Now we have a bit of a problem wondering what to do with them. Fish and chips anyone?


Sweet and happy Jolly has found a new home

Having left my bag in a locker while touring the aircraft carrier, I was very happy to read several text messages which included the news that peke Jolly had been adopted, pom Otto (with the bad legs) had found a great foster home and they were already in love with him, and someone was very interested in adopting sheltie Selina. The chihuahua, Pumpkin, who had been in a foster home, had been picked up by her new family, so there had been quite a bit of movement on the foster front.



I wanted to share this photo of Kathy and Gecko, taken the other day on Lamma when a group volunteers came over for the day. First of all, I wanted to introduce Kathy, without whom the kennels couldn’t run, and also Gecko, whose main aim in life and biggest dream is to bite my legs off, if not tear me limb from limb. He has never forgiven me for pinning him down when he had to be microchipped and rabies vaccinated at AFCD, and although that was a couple of years ago now and he is generally a very happy dog, he hates me with a passion. Dogs, like elephants, have a very long memory.

Kathy and Gecko

Kathy and Gecko


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