Thursday 29th October: Exactly one month to go


It’s difficult to tear myself away from the computer when it’s time to go to the kennels as the emails come in thick, fast and constantly, especially at this particular time when the Peak to Fong event is exactly one month away. It’s now that all the planning starts to come together, and the next stage begins. This is more physical and involves getting backpacks filled (these are the “tickets”), flyers and posters delivered, prizes collected and volunteers recruited.

We have some really amazing raffle prizes this year including a $10,000 Lane Crawford voucher (yes please!), laser face and body treatments valued at $12,000 (I could do with those), $6000 Paua Spa vouchers (bliss!), $5000 worth of Shanghai Tang vouchers (who wouldn’t want those?), a dinner for two at the famous members only Kee Club (eat and people-watch), and a stay at the brand new and amazing boutique hotel, Hullett House (wow!). That’s just a taster as there are tons more, and a massive mega-hot, top secret prize in the pipeline. Watch out for the start of the raffle ticket sales, and buy lots!


Jasper the Old English sheepdog is 18 months old

We had a delivery of dogs from the Shatin AFCD kennels today in the shape of Nicky the beagle, Jasper the Old English Sheepdog and Scooby the, well, not sure, but he’s definitely a Scooby. One look at him and I knew what his name was going to be. He’s simply a very special dog and that’s why he was saved.Could he be called anything but Scooby?



There’s one dog that has been with us far too long as he’s both beautiful and he has the sweetest temperament. We thought Hugo would be adopted very quickly after he came to us from a New Territories shelter, and it’s a mystery why he wasn’t snapped up, but in any case today was finally his day. As it happens, we have another dog coming to us who’s almost identical so the timing was perfect. Goodbye Hugo, hello Oxo (actually his name is Oreo but as we already have an Oreo, he had to be re-named).

Hugo & Boss

Hugo with his friend, Boss, when he first arrived

Another unexpected arrival came in the form of a young fox terrier who had been taken to a groomers and never picked up. The ex-owner even changed his phone number so he couldn’t be traced, and after a month in a cage, waiting to be collected, the dog was finally released to us for re-homing.


Dou Dou

Fox terrier left at a groomers

We desperately and urgently need a foster for Otto, the 11-month pom boy who was crippled in both back legs. He’s now had surgery on the second leg and is ready to leave hospital, but we can’t have him at kennels. He’ll need restricted exercise for six weeks, but he must use his legs or they’ll seize up. Please contact Maria at if you can help Otto. It’s an urgent case as he really needs to get out of hospital today.


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