Wednesday 28th October: All in a day’s work


Lifesaver pawprints

Taking paw prints from Misto for the Life Saver Club

We’re in the process of upgrading the Life Saver Club certificates, and with Sandra in charge the morning was spent “finger printing” the dogs who have either already been chosen to be sponsored, or those who are on the list and waiting. This means that when any Life Saver Club member is sent a letter from their dog which includes a paw print, it really is the dog’s own, unique signature.


If you don’t know about the Life Saver Club (and you can find full details on the website), it’s a way of helping our long-term dogs by sponsoring them on a monthly basis. There are all sorts of perks offered to LSC members, such as free tickets to HKDR events, so all of our current members will receive their free Peak to Fong tickets, if they haven’t already done so.

The day’s first panic was a call to say that Milky, now Casper, had been hit by a car and was on his way to the vet with a suspected broken leg.  The maid who had been walking him was so traumatised that she couldn’t give the number of her employer, so it was up to me to make contact.  Later I heard that it was more shoulder damage than leg, and that hopefully it’s just bruised not broken.  This was another case of a leash breaking, so it’s a good reminder to check that leashes are both strong enough for the particular dog, and in good condition.

We get a lot of enquiries about adoption that don’t lead to anything, such as the person who emailed about wanting a guard dog. She was sent the standard adoption questionnaire, followed by some further questions to clarify certain points and then we got this reply:

I just want to adopt a dog, but think the procedure is too elaborate, esp. the telephone interview!
Have a nice day!”

Does anyone really think we just hand over dogs without wanting to know about their prospective home?

Then there was the woman who turned up at the kennels with her twelve year old dog (on a piece of nylon string). She said the dog was ill, having seizures and incontinent, so she wanted us to take it. It was explained to her that she needed to take the dog to a vet and hold it while it was euthanised, as it was the least she could do for him (she had had the dog since it was a puppy), but no, off she went to AFCD to hand her loyal companion over to be killed by strangers. Tomorrow we’ll take it out and at least make sure it has a peaceful end.

Later I had a call from someone who had adopted a small dog from us a while back and had problems, having sacked her maid and now being totally responsible for the dog. She said she went to bed at 8.30pm and got up at 6.30am and the dog couldn’t wait that long to poo, so could I recommend something that would make the dog poo less as she couldn’t cope with having to clean up after it. Honestly, the mind boggles. Apart from anything else, ten hours in bed??!!

Big Bear (hard to see a black puppy!)I have two current favourites among the older puppies on Lamma. Big Bear, one of Oona’s pups, has turned into the cuddliest, sweetest fluffy boy imaginable.  He’s also not as big as I thought he was going to be, and he’s going make such a lovely family pet.



Mistral, a big/small puppy


The other soppy pup is Mistral, the girl who came from Dog Island in my bay. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more docile and easy to please puppy, and I keep thinking she’s sick until I offer her something tasty to eat.  She’s very polite when she takes the food from me, but she enjoys it.  I’m not sure if she’s going to be big or small or what, as she’s already around six months old and looks like a miniature version of a big dog.
The Peak to Fong flyers and posters are now ready and need to be distributed around Hong Kong (all areas).  If anyone can take a bunch and get them in vet clinics, shops, etc in your area, please let me know.  Obviously we don’t want to couble up if we have an area covered, but we would like to get out to as many places as possible.
You can email me at
Just testing the YouTube connection, try this:



One Response to “Wednesday 28th October: All in a day’s work”

  1. Winsy Says:

    i really cannot understand why people can still surrender a dog after 12 years living, should be as close as family member, so sad.
    really difficult to understand human thoughts, sigh.

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