Monday 26th October: Busy, busy day

We had a great day today, busy from start to (very late) end. Even before leaving Lamma to go to the kennels a group of volunteers came over, regular visitors who visit, walk, groom and play with the small dogs. They brought gifts for both me (pancakes) and the dogs, so the young puppies had chicken and the older dogs had other tasty treats. Thanks guys!

Norma and her project dog, OtisI was already late for a dog-and-volunteer Halloween party in the waterfront park at Cyberport, but got there in time to say hello and grab a sandwich before walking up the hill to the kennels.

Omar and Punkie adopted togetherBy the time I got there, three dogs had already been adopted; Punkie the bulldog (a new arrival, now already in a home) and Omar the gentleman golden retriever were adopted together, while Taco, the little peke cross who had been adopted from us and then abandoned, found a new home. Sweet.

The afternoon got busier and busier with lots of potential adopters, as well as a visit from the Rhodesian Ridgeback I mentioned the other day. His owners had brought him for an assessment by Mark, our dog trainer, and the verdict was that this young dog had been so abused by the previous trainer (with electric shock and prong collars, as well as other bullying methods) that rehabilitation would be a long process. Although I had been asked if we would take the dog for re-homing, to have him at kennels would be impossible as he is now so fearful and stressed that he would be dangerous.

Anyone reading this blog who wants to have their dog professionally trained, I can’t emphasise enough that the old-fashioned type of training which involves jerking on choke chains and punishment for “bad” behaviour, will result in a dog that is scared of people and may – probably will – one day bite. Please, please, don’t subject any dog to this form of brutality. It’s not necessary and it’s also not effective in the long term.

Ultra sweet Misty finds a new homeAs the day wore on there were two further adoptions. Roman the golden retriever and Misty, the last of the three Westies found abandoned in a country park. The last one to go was yet another golden retriever, Summer, who like Misty had been used for breeding before being thrown out.

Although I was so happy to see six lovely and lucky dogs find new homes, I noticed that they were all breeds and not a mongrel among them. Still, I did get some great news about one of my favourite ‘breed’. Jacki, who had been found as a puppy at the side of the road and who was at first thought to be blind, is now living in Sweden and is apparently much admired. Look at the great photo of her, running like a dog should. Go, Jacki, go!

Jacki has plenty of space to run in Sweden


6 Responses to “Monday 26th October: Busy, busy day”

  1. Rachael Says:

    That’s a great pic of Norma and Otis, is the rat kissing her or taking a bite I wonder…..

  2. Vivian Chan Says:

    Very happy for all the lucky ones! Nice rat, Norma!

    I still remember tiny Jacki with beautiful round eyes.

  3. ivy Says:

    Happy to know that a lot of dogs were adopted yesterday, they derserve a good home!!!

  4. Gene Says:

    Glad to hear Punkie and Omar got adopted.
    I think I’ve seen Omar once and he is seriously very calm and gentlle. I remember we don’t even need to hold him and he will follow us right away!

  5. Mark Says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, that IS Otis at Cyberport Park … this is the dog that wouldn’t leave the kennels just a few short months ago, right?

  6. Norma M Says:

    Wow, Otis has a long tongue!
    When we got to Cyberport I think he drank a two litre bottle of water. I carried four litres with me for the dogs.
    He really enjoyed himself there and was totally relaxed with all the dogs and people and walked well. He huffed and puffed a bit and sounded like an asthmatic as he is so unfit so everyone could hear us coming for miles! Very embarassing.
    Considering the fact that he was lying next to the make shift table we had spread on the floor, with all the food, he was really well behaved. Everyone knows how he loves his food!
    Good boy Otis – next step MAYBE Peak to Fong – that is if we can get him to get into a vehicle! Maybe that is a bit too much for him though??????

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