Sunday 25th October: 3 lucky pups

There were three lucky puppies at Whiskers’n’Paws today. Two of them were from the same litter (Joshua and Margo), and one of Oona’s pups making her first appearance was also adopted, Freya is much smaller than her brother, Big Bear, and both have become very sweet and friendly pups, unlike still-shy Gala.

Lewis the pug

Lewis the pug

Next week as an experiment we’ll be taking along some small adult dogs too, as many people come looking for the little ones and 99% of the pups are going to be medium to large size. Having the terrace to run around on, and with the perfect weather now for an outdoors venue, I hope we’ll find some nice homes for dogs like Benji, and pug Lewis. Why haven’t they already been adopted??



Punkie the bulldog

Punkie the bulldog

We had a new and unexpected arrival today in the shape of Punkie the bulldog. His owners moved to Canada and left him behind, and the irony is that we have someone from Canada who wants to adopt and have Punkie sent over (we know this person, by the way). If there’s a really nice home for him in Hong Kong then we would prefer that he stays, but like the German Shepherds who go to California, it’s not out of the question that he will leave the country.



Lovely Bumper

Lovely Bumper

The bull terrier, Bumper, is doing really well and I’m happy that I was completely wrong about his character. I was wary at first as I know bull terriers can be difficult with other dogs, but Bumper is just great.




One Response to “Sunday 25th October: 3 lucky pups”

  1. Diana Says:

    How can people have the heart to leave a loyal companion behind?

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