Saturday 24th October: January and Crinkle

There’s fantastic news from California where our German Shepherd cross, January, was recently sent for re-homing and here’s her lovely story:


January, now in a lovely new home in California

January, now in a lovely new home in California

“You probably heard that January was adopted yesterday.  This was due largely to Lori’s efforts–she did all of the screening and the home visit.  I just filled in the gaps and between the two of us, beautiful January is now part of an exceptional family.  There are four children, all of them well behaved, polite and educated regarding the responsibilities of pet ownership.  The second oldest boy was particularly interested in adopting a German Shepherd and did lots of research before his parents consented to another dog.  They looked at several other rescue organizations before coming to us.  At our event, January came up to the boy and leaned against him, choosing him for her own.   The next step was a meet and greet with their other dog–a sweet springer spaniel who suffers from a neurological impairment which prevents him from full use of his end legs.  Despite his disability the dog was obviously loved and impeccably groomed.  The meeting was a success in that they had a totally neutral reaction and January seemed comforted by his presence.”


Crinkle's gone to a home at last

Crinkle's gone to a home at last

Not only that, but our handsome boy, Crinkle, finally got to climb into his new Ferrari and zoom off into the sunset ………  Please be a good boy, Crinkle.  We love you but we don’t want you to come back!



That’s what I love about HKDR, when we say goodbye to dogs that have waited a long time, or those that others might have given up on.

It was a busy day at kennels by all accounts, and there are lots of potential adopters coming back for a second meeting with a variety of dogs.  I’m always itching to know what’s happened after each weekend day when I’m not at kennels myself.  I want every dog to find a great home, and every time I get a text telling me someone’s been adopted I’m over the moon.

Don’t forget to keep checking the Peak to Fong details on the website as it’s being updated on a regular basis.  Click on all the sections to see what’s being added, and there’s a lot more to come………


7 Responses to “Saturday 24th October: January and Crinkle”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    That’s wonderful news about January and Crinkle. It’s fantastic when the dog you choose responds to you but the feeling of being picked by the dog is amazing.

    I really love to hear when people choose the dog, and not the breed.

  2. Norma M Says:

    Wonderful, wonderful news!!!!!
    Lovely to get feed back on January as we all wonder what happens when they leave the kennels. I am sure there are many January fans like me out there, so eager to hear all the news we can get.
    Crinkle, my sweet boy, hope you are happy in your new home. What a lucky boy. I hope to see you again sometime, be a good boy!
    I will look out for all the Ferraris and hope to see your smiling face and the drool flying in the breeze!

  3. Rachael Says:

    Just fantastic!

  4. Vivian Chan Says:

    Jan Jan and Crinkle were among the dogs that I would walk when I first joined HKDR; Crinkle being the very first. He went home with his new van instead of the Ferrari. I got into the van first so he would jump on. He has plastic bags just in case but he doesn’t get car sick any more. His new parents have taken notes on every little thing about this boy; 100% toilet trained, loves chicken, afraid of black dogs (except Alex) and mosquitoes, sits with a hand signal, gives paw while standing up, won’t go swimming, loves to run, loves hiking, drinks a lot of water…Just in case that he won’t eat being in a new environment, I gave him his favorite food to take home. Hope that helps. Be good, boy. The pack and I will miss you. We will see you again.

    Very happy for you, Jan!

  5. Yanki Says:

    supe good news from January and crinkle~~
    hope chances are soon coming for June, Peter, Muggins and more!!!

  6. Gene Says:

    Great news about January and Crinkle!
    It may sounds weird to say goodbye at most cases but I suppose it’s as good as having new comers in HKDR because either one is helping the dogs.
    I never thought we can adopt them through over seas, that would be great if more people can notice this form other places.
    Crinkle and January looks nice! I’m trying to convince my dad to do the volunteer as well since I need a parent when regestering…

  7. Claire Buckley Says:

    January’s Brother, Jay is lying asleep on his bed here now….. I’ve just woken him and told him the good news! So happy for Crinkle too!

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