Friday 23rd October: Various dogs






Willow and Dana are growing up. It was their turn today to go for desexing, Willow from Lamma and Dana (now called Tiger) from Whiskers’n’Paws where she’s currently working. I must find Willow a home now, as she’s grown into a lovely, and very pretty, young girl with none of the naughtiness of her early youth. In fact she’s become a very quiet and well-behaved doglet, even a little shy and retiring. She does love her daily walks and swims though.

Monty, the chihuahua I took from AFCD last week after he had spent a long time there, has moved into the office and just about taken over. The good news is that he’s now very friendly and happy with people, but he’s got all the other dogs under his strict control and has claimed the bed that used to be Cosmo and Luca’s as his own. I suspect the other dogs in the office will be very happy when Monty’s adopted. 


Monty aka the Big Boss

Monty aka the Big Boss




Dusty as a puppy.  It's been a long time!

Dusty as a puppy. It's been a long time!



One of our long-termers has a very good chance of going to a home of her own soon. Dusty was one of the many girl dogs shown to a couple who are looking to adopt, and although Beatrice the rottie cross was also in the running, it seems that Dusty will be the one to go. I don’t want to celebrate yet, but I know everyone will be very happy when the big day arrives.





Tokyo Joe on a rare outing

Tokyo Joe on a rare outing



It’s just over a week away before we make the switch of volunteer room and office (with the help of the US Navy volunteers). The biggest upheaval will be for the dogs that currently live in the volunteer room, as this is their home. They’ll have to move along with everything else, while the small dogs will shift with the rest of the office furniture and equipment. Only Tokyo Joe will retain his spot behind the washing machine, a place he chose and made his own a long time ago. I don’t know how the other dogs are going to take it, but I suspect they won’t be happy. Still, they will adjust to their new home in time.




Kira has been with us almost all her life

Kira has been with us almost all her life



I feel especially close to Kira, Samba and Burma, as they all used to live with me on Lamma. I would love them to find homes, as they’re all lovely sweet girls, and have to admit I’m often tempted to bring them back but I don’t know how they would fit in now. Maybe one day.






2 Responses to “Friday 23rd October: Various dogs”

  1. stella Says:

    I really pray for Dusty who is one of my favorite dog in the kennel. She is a bit stubborn but such a beautiful one. However I noticed she is easily frightened and when she was frightened, she became to be stubborn (maybe same as all other dogs). Whenever it happened, I used to hold her, then she becomes to easy to handle. I really hope the potential adopter of Dusty knows/understand dog and has patience/love until Dusty gets the confidence that she belongs to that family. Wish you a luck, Dusty!!

  2. Gene Says:

    They are indeed lovely dogs! I hope they can find a home as well.
    I suppose Monty will have to learn how to share with others eventually. Well, we’ll see, wish Cosmo and Luca are not planning to start a fight…
    Anyway, It must be very interesting during the desexing surgury (Biology is my interest), I hope Willow and Tiger are not too nervous. I wonder what’s the process look like…
    Also, it’s a great news that Dusty finally had got a chance ot be adopted. Best hope to Beatrice and Rottie as well, I think it’s Beatrice who broke one of my friends leg ths week… his ok! We make a laugh! 😀 (ha ha)
    I wish I can be there for Dusty on her big day as a volunteer in the soon coming future.
    love to keep contact with HKDR even after the Discovery Week. 🙂

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